Get Private Online Tutoring From This Austin TX SAT ACT Test Prep Specialist

Nov 10, 2020

Test preparation specialist from Austin, Texas Kelly Frindell announced her SAT and ACT test tutoring program. She offers SSAT and ISEE test prep sessions via Zoom.

Don’t leave your test scores to fate–call Dr. Kelly Frindell and sign up for her SAT and ACT test tutoring program and get the preparation and confidence you need to take those tests!

Austin, Texas test preparation expert Dr. Kelly Frindell launched a new SAT and ACT test tutoring program. Kelly Frindell provides different tutoring packages for standardized tests such as SSAT and ISEE.

More information is available at

The new service aims to provide you with valuable assistance in preparing you for the SAT and ACT standardized tests. Taking pre-collegiate standardized tests can cause a lot of stress especially if you don’t prepare for it. In her hopes to offer you some assistance, Kelly Frindell has launched her new SAT and ACT test tutoring program.

Dr. Kelly Frindell has been teaching test prep for over 20 years. She specializes in preparing high school students for the SAT, ACT, SSAT and ISEE. Due to her level of experience in test prep she already knows all these tests inside and out. She has successfully worked with thousands of students over the years and her track record precedes her, with many of her students scoring high in the standardized tests.

Moreso, Dr. Frindell will not only assist you through the rigors of the exams, she will offer you her invaluable support mentally and psychologically. She recognizes that scoring a high score in these tests may mean acceptance to the colleges of your choice. It may cause you and your family undue stress. She addresses these pressures and anxiety in her sessions to make the journey easier for you. She makes it a point to get to know you and your capabilities. She then sets realistic expectations and designs an individual program to help you work towards an achievable goal.

Her SAT/ ACT tutoring packages include private tutoring sessions, supplemental materials and practice tests. Additional sessions may also be availed if more sessions might be required. All sessions are done online via Zoom.

Dr. Kelly Frindell is a household name in test preparation–call her today at +1-512-524-6877 and ask for a 30-minute free consultation so you can determine which tutoring program is right for you!

You may find out more by clicking on the link above!

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