Get Pool Ready For Summer Now By Taking Advantage of the Summer Splash Campaign

May 2, 2017

Navarre, Florida-based Splash Pools has released a Summer Splash Campaign to help Santa Rosa Beach to Pensacola, and surrounding area residential and commercial pool owners get swim ready.

Splash Pools, a pool cleaning, maintenance and servicing company based in Navarre, Florida have launched a Summer Splash campaign that motivates local pool owners to get their pool ready for summer swimming. Whether the pool is residential or commercial, Splash pools can turn it into a crystal clear and refreshing paradise.

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Launched in May, the Summer Splash Campaign helps pool owners clean, test and balance their swimming pools, so they are swimming ready when the warmer weather hits. With over 12-years’ experience, Splash Pools also offers additional services like pool repairs, routine pool maintenance and storm clean-ups.

Servicing the Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, Navarre and the surrounding areas, Splash Pools make having a swimming pool enjoyable. With no contracts and guaranteed customer satisfaction, the Splash Pools Summer Splash Campaign can be a one-off service or routine cleaning – weekly, bi-weekly or even daily.

Overall, the Summer Splash Campaign wakes a swimming pool up from its winter slumber with a spring start-up that removes any algae or debris and turns cloudy or green water clear. Splash Pools also top-up and balance pool chemicals and restore the pool to its former glory.

Since 2005, Splash Pools has been protecting the investment of their customers. With pools and spas meant to be enjoyed during the day and night, Splash Pools make caring for a pool or spa effortless, and not just another chore that takes the fun away.

When asked about the Summer Splash Campaign, a spokesperson for Splash pools said, “The service is high quality, reliable and prompt. All our technicians are nationally certified CPO's and meet all requirements for residential and commercial maintenance for pools and spas in Florida. Plus, we are a certified government contractor.”

To find out more about Splash Pools and their Summer Splash Campaign call (850) 549-5315 or visit

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