Get Personalized Retirement Planning In Chicago Through This Fiduciary Firm

Sep 18, 2023

Worried about your financial future after you leave the workforce? The Goldstone Financial Group can help you achieve a future where the only thing you need to worry about is where to travel next!

The latest US Census Bureau data shows that half of the population between ages 55 and 66 will leave the workforce with no savings to sustain them throughout retirement.

If you’re part of this grim statistic, then you need to speak to the Goldstone Financial Group.

The Goldstone Financial Group serves pre-retirees in Chicago through a unique approach to retirement planning, which combines tailored solutions and the Goldstone Retirement Roadmap—a systematic and comprehensive approach that addresses the various aspects of retirement.

The Roadmap combines income, investment, tax, healthcare, and legacy planning into a single strategy that safeguards you from potential risks that may jeopardize your retirement income, such as rising healthcare costs.

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A foundational aspect of this roadmap is income planning, which seeks to ensure that you can reliably and predictably pay for living expenses throughout retirement. To achieve this level of predictability, the Goldstone Financial Group creates a diversified portfolio consisting of multiple sources of income, which can include your personal savings, IRAs, and 401(k) plans, pension, and social security benefits, and annuities.

Apart from guaranteed income sources, the firm explores other potential sources of cash flow such as investments and revenue-generating assets. Investments are part and parcel of a solid retirement plan, but you should also be careful about where you invest your hard-earned cash, as all investment types carry some level of risk.

This is where the advice of a fiduciary—which has an obligation to put your best interest over itself—like the Goldstone Financial Group becomes indispensable.

Similar to its approach to income planning, the Goldstone Financial Group’s investment planning strategy seeks to maximize returns while minimizing risks, combining short-term and long-term investments as well as professionally managed funds. But ultimately, its advice will be based on your income goals, risk appetite, and investment time horizon. The older you are, the shorter your time horizon will be, so the goal there is to focus on investments that offer more stability.

Today is the youngest you‘ll ever be again. It’s also the best time to call the Goldstone Financial Group for a retirement plan tailored to your unique needs.

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