Get Personalized Data Sets For B2B Sales & Marketing At This Top Data Provider

Aug 15, 2023

Why settle for the same data sets all your other competitors get? LeadGenius can offer you personalized data sets that can lead to better answers – and a better bottom line.

There’s nothing wrong with following your gut. But when it comes to business, data is king. That’s why LeadGenius offers a solution that can help you make better decisions.

Its platform provides personalized datasets that give you deeper consumer insights. This information can then be used by your B2B sales and marketing team to bolster your lead-generation efforts.

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LeadGenius uses both human expertise and artificial intelligence to extract data that you cannot otherwise attain. Specifically, its system collects, collates, and analyzes information gathered from websites, business directories, government filings, and other “scrapable” data online.

Data-driven decision-making has become a crucial aspect of business success in today’s economy. Indeed, research from consulting firm McKinsey found that companies that are good at using data are 23 times more likely to achieve greater profitability than those which are not.

However, having the right data is crucial to making the right business decisions. As such, LeadGenius allows you to request custom datasets so you can get answers to questions that pertain to your company — and only your company.

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This service is geared toward operations, sales, and marketing professionals who want to optimize their lead generation. As per company representatives, enterprises that use LeadGenius get a return on investment (ROI) of up to 9.1 times their upfront costs.

LeadGenius bundles three separate services into one cost-effective bundle:

(1) B2B data — This includes custom insights, buyer intent signals, and consumer persona creation.

(2) Data outsourcing — You get a dedicated team composed of a data scientist, project manager, and customer success manager.

(3) Process Automation — Repetitive tasks like prospect research and customer relationship management (CRM) tasks can be handled by AI on your behalf.

In this way, the process of finding high-intent prospects is drastically streamlined, so that your sales and marketing personnel can close deals faster. This solution can also unlock new target markets you never thought of tapping before, creating new revenue streams.

A spokesperson says: “No entrepreneur has a crystal ball, but having reliable and customized datasets is the closest thing to it. We aim to give you the insight you need to make the most informed calls.”

If you wish to see LeadGenius’ capabilities, you can book a no-obligation demonstration.

What are you waiting for? Get in-depth, insight-rich data sets that you can actually use from LeadGenius!

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