Get Passive Income From This Edmonton Storage Condo Investment Buyer Opportunity For Real Estate Returns

Nov 18, 2017

A new property investment opportunity has been announced by Safe Storage Condos. Its environmentally friendly scheme offers investors the chance to get passive returns with ease in the Edmonton area.

Safe Storage Condos has announced a new real estate investment opportunity for investors in the Edmonton area. It is a passive investment alternative, and represents a brand new concept on the market. Each storage unit has its own title and can qualify for typical mortgage financing.

More information can be found at:

The storage condos are an affordable entry point into the real estate market. The returns can surpass typical real estate rental returns, without the hassle of managing tenants.

Opening July 2018, pre-sales have already started on the investment properties. Investors have already purchased approximately 30% of the available units. Until it opens, pre-sale appointments can be made at the office address noted on the URL above.

Once construction is finished at the East Edmonton property, bordering on Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada, a sales office will be opened for any remaining units.

Safe Storage Condos offers heated, 24/7 drive in access to the multi-storey complex and loading via the elevator makes it easy and convenient. Earth friendly geothermal energy heats the units in winter and cools them in summer.

This means that the buyer’s investment is one in the planet as well as their bottom line. Patented Flex Unit design means that each condo can be partitioned securely.

The Safe Storage Condos Master Plan includes the development of three buildings. The self storage building consists of 141 units over three floors, with six dedicated office spaces. The remaining two buildings house 37 motor alley vaults, and an additional 166 drive up units will complete the development.

Condo owners can put their storage condo into a managed rental pool and have the storage rental duties and management taken care of. It can be completely hands-off for the owner, so they don’t have to be involved with the work if they don’t want to.

Self Storage Condos was created as a way to shed new light on the self storage industry by allowing facilities to be owned by those using or investing in it. It is an easy, affordable, hands-off investment opportunity yielding high rates of return.

Full details can be found on the URL above.

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