Get NRCIA Education & Certification To Become A Forensic Roof® Inspector

Aug 15, 2023

Want to up your roof game to advance your career and amplify your earning potential? The National Roof Certification and Inspection Association (NRCIA) is holding the key to your success with its Forensic Roof® Inspector membership level!

If you want to speed up the growth of your business by extending the scope of your roofing services, you need a trusted name in the industry that will be your guiding light in improving your capabilities. By getting certified as Forensic Roof® Inspector with NRCIA, you will not only get a surefire way to bring in more revenue but also the chance to stand out from competition and increase your authority!

The Forensic Roof® Inspector membership level equips aspiring roofing professionals and home service providers with the knowledge and skills needed to perform comprehensive technical and specific roof assessments and prepare Forensic ROOF® reports commonly used in insurance claims and legal disputes.

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If you are already an NRCIA member and want to upgrade to a Forensic ROOF® Inspector, you will be provided with education, certification, marketing requisites, and technology to start providing roof inspections with precise and detailed reports for your clients. These reports help roofing contractors make informed decisions and respond to any issues in a timely manner.

When you become a Forensic ROOF® Inspector, you will be qualified to carry out roof assessments to examine whether a roofing system complies with building code, meets the manufacturer's installation specification requirements, evaluate workmanship and third-party damage responsibility, and rule out possible roof damage causes. This certification also allows you to testify in court to express your opinion on whether a roofer followed the correct procedures and performed their job adequately, as well as collaborate with engineers.

With the Forensic ROOF® Inspector tier, you will get educational materials encompassing a training portfolio, research on industry trends and best practices, regulatory and legislative monitoring, and the opportunity to join an inspector on-site to observe their work. You will be also allowed to use NRCIA's Forensic® logo and trademark alongside the Forensic ROOF® trademark, gain access to a member directory profile, and get featured in a new member press release.

To further streamline your inspections, NRCIA also gives you access to inspection reporting, estimating and certifying software, a members-only app, and CRM.

NRCIA believes that you can successfully turn your Forensic ROOF® inspection certificate into an additional stream of income as it will considerably expand your roster of potential clients, including mortgage companies, realtors, insurers, claims adjusters, and contractors.

"The NRCIA has long been recognized for its commitment to quality roof inspections, and the addition of Forensic ROOF® Inspections further solidifies its position as the industry leader in providing comprehensive roof assessment services," an NRCIA representative said. "With this new member benefit, roofing companies can confidently ensure compliance, assess workmanship, and facilitate insurance claims with ease."

Get a Forensic ROOF® Inspector status and become the preferred roofing professional in your area with NRCIA!

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