Get More Leads & Increase Customers With This Unique Business Message Video Service

Feb 9, 2017

Discover how video can help you to increase your sales, boost customers, and get shared around the web so you can improve leads, get more visitors and increase revenue by visiting this site.

  • get more leads amp increase customers with this unique business message video se
  • get more leads amp increase customers with this unique business message video se

A new video service for business has launched, called Drawn Videos, which offers businesses in any niche the chance to capitalize on the power of video through hand-drawn illustration style videos that bring their company to life. They can use the service to advertise products and services and showcase the company, getting more interaction from customers and boosting business.

More information can be found at:

The site explains that Drawn Videos was created to help make it as easy as possible for businesses to reach out and engage their audience. Through using videos, they can create a more lively and creative customer journey that increases the chance of visitors to the site making a sale.

Video is the most powerful medium on the internet today, and most information is consumed through video, especially with the rise of high profile sites like YouTube and social media pages like Facebook and Twitter.

Videos present information in an easier to digest way, and encourage visitors to share the content of a business with their friends and family through social media. This allows businesses in any niche to reach out and find more customers, and more shares means more traffic, more engagement and more leads.

The videos can be used on Facebook to encourage easy sharing, and the service was designed with sellers in mind, so it is ideal for Amazon, Shopify and other eCommerce platforms.

Each animated video created through Drawn Videos is professionally produced and customized to a client's needs.

Research shows that YouTube video consumption rates rise by 100% every year, and including a video on a company landing page can increase sale rates by up to 80%. In addition to this, video in email leads to a 200% increase in click through rates.

This showcases how powerful video can be, and it's important for businesses to harness this owner. Drawn Videos can help companies to do so, boosting their web presence and establishing themselves as experts in their industry.

Full details are available by clicking on the URL above.

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