Get More Leads For Your Christchurch NZ Local Business Through Content Marketing

Apr 11, 2020

To drive more traffic and leads to your business website, you need an aggressive digital marketing approach, including regularly publishing relevant content on high-value online channels.

Are you looking for ways to secure more leads and customers? Could your local business website use more exposure and traffic?

Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, LOCALTACTIC offers a local marketing service for businesses looking to improve their brand’s online visibility in their respective areas. The company’s tried-and-tested marketing approach involves production of high-value content and distribution on authoritative websites. More details can be found at:

Through the company’s service, you can create, publish, and distribute tailored content for approximately a tenth of the cost of doing the work internally. LOCALTACTIC understands that content marketing can be challenging to handle in-house considering the time investment and skills it requires. It is for this reason that they employ a team of digital marketing experts who are ready to do the work for you.

As consistency can significantly help boost any ongoing online marketing efforts, the company’s service allows you to produce and distribute content on a regular basis. LOCALTACTIC’s expert writers craft on-brand content every week, fortnight, or month, making sure that every piece they work on is relevant to your industry, location, and customers for maximum marketing impact.

To reach a broader market online, LOCALTACTIC uses a wide range of content formats, which include news articles, blog posts, videos, slideshows, podcasts, and PDFs. The variety enables the company to distribute your content on an array of premier online channels, such as news and financial sites, relevant blogs, YouTube and Vimeo, LinkedIn SlideShares, as well as Podbean and Buzzsprout.

Overall, the local marketing service gives your business access to over 400 high-traffic online distribution channels.

LOCALTACTIC is an online marketing agency specializing in best-value news and media distribution service. Their trademark strategy involves unique multimedia placements on high authority sites to bring various benefits to your business, including better online visibility, as well as increased traffic, phone calls, brand mentions, and brand searches.

Visit to get started on your very own campaign.

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