Get Money Back On Your Toronto Life Insurance With These Top Financial Experts

May 10, 2021

Your chances of dying during your life insurance coverage plan are minimal. So, don’t you think that you deserve some kind of return if you outlive your policy? Well, thanks to this money-back initiative, you can.

It’s needless to say that getting life insurance is vital. But since you only have a 3-5% chance of dying during your plan, don’t you think it’s only fair that you get at least some return if you survive? 

If you live in Toronto, here’s some good news. You can now get money back on your life insurance if you outlive your plan!

Canadian Life Insurance Guides, a company specializing in offering financial services, announced that it is offering its money-back program in the Greater Toronto Area.

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Canadian Life Insurance Guides’ initiative is offered in collaboration with some of the country’s largest insurers. Titled Money-Back Life Insurance, the service is designed to stop people from buying expensive plans without getting any return on investment. 

The company and its team offer tailored services for each Toronto resident’s needs. Help is available for people across different parts of the city and varying ages, genders, and socio-economic statuses. 

Canadian Life Insurance Guides’ Money-Back Life Insurance also covers varying plan lengths. To determine eligibility, customers take an online quiz where they share information about themselves – such as their age, whether or not they’re a smoker, and if they have existing medical conditions. 

To deliver the Money-Back Life Insurance service, the company has teamed up with the likes of BMO Insurance. Other Canadian businesses to work with Canadian Life Insurance Guides include Canada Life and RBC Insurance. 

Besides its money-back initiatives, Canadian Life Insurance Guides can help Toronto residents improve their finances in other ways. The company also offers services that enable customers to receive no-medical life insurance for final expenses. Buyers can also make use of secure growth life insurance. 

The latest announcement is part of Canadian Life Insurance Guides’ commitment to offering complete financial services in Greater Toronto and across the rest of Canada. 

Canadian Life Insurance Guides has developed a strong reputation for helping people get a return on their life insurance investment. After starting in Calgary, Alberta, the company is now expanding its offerings to Greater Toronto’s 5.9 million residents. 

But that’s not all. Lucky enough to live in one of the world’s richest countries, Canadian Life Insurance Guides also makes an impact on the developing world. As part of its aim to give back, the company now sponsors children in poorer countries to give them a better chance of succeeding with the right education and resources.

One satisfied customer said: “With our previous plan, it felt like we had been sold something, and there was no follow-up after to see if what we were sold was working. With Canadian Life Insurance Guides, we did not feel like we were sold a ‘solution’. It was very much customized based on what we needed.”

Don’t wait to get the life insurance services and returns you truly deserve. Visit to see how you can get a return on your investment today!

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