Get Medical Frontliners’ Guide To Overcoming PTSD And Other Mental Health Issues

May 15, 2021

An ebook that provides guidance to overcoming anxiety, PTSD, and other mental health problems has been launched to help nurses and other healthcare workers cope with these issues during the pandemic.

As a frontliner in the battle against the current pandemic, you may experience mental health issues arising from the stressful and difficult situation you are subjected to every day. Resources like Overcoming Anxiety can provide the help you need.

NursesPTSD, an online resource group dedicated to helping nurses and other healthcare professionals address PTSD and anxiety during the pandemic, has announced the launch of Overcoming Anxiety, an ebook providing step-by-step guidance on overcoming mental health problems.

You can find more information at

According to NursesPTSD, many nursing professionals and other healthcare workers today are suffering from PTSD, anxiety, burnout, depression, and other mental health issues as a result of being at the frontlines of the current health crisis.

Overcoming Anxiety, the ebook launched by the group, aims to provide healthcare professionals like you with the support and coaching you need to address these issues.

The ebook provides a step by step guide that can help you overcome mental health problems without taking anti-anxiety and antidepressant medication or getting professional intervention. As a service to frontliners like you, NursesPTSD is offering the ebook for free at

In a report published at NursesPTSD says nurses and other medical workers have always been vulnerable to developing PTSD and other psychological conditions due to the nature of their job. The pandemic, however, has heightened this dilemma.

During the current crisis, you may have witnessed numerous loss of life as well as patients’ sufferings, which the group says can trigger PTSD, anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems.

In addition, you probably have to work even longer hours than usual to attend to the unusually high number of patients. All these can lead to burnout and a feeling of “running on empty”.

NursesPTSD also says healthcare workers like you are in danger of suffering from depression as a result of being isolated from family, friends, and other people who fear you may have caught the disease at work.

Overcoming Anxiety can help you and other frontliners recognize the symptoms of mental health problems in yourself and learn about all-natural, self-directed solutions to these issues.

While the ebook can be a great tool for healthcare workers especially during the current pandemic, it can also help other individuals who may also be suffering from mental health problems, and guide them to a happier life.

While your hard work and dedication are very much appreciated in these difficult times, you must also remember to care for yourself. Get a free copy of Overcoming Anxiety and stay on the road to wellness.

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