Get Maximum Light Control For Your Rooms With Shutter & Shade Combos From Shuttercraft UK Window Specialist

Apr 20, 2018

Shuttercraft, the leading provider of high quality UK window blinds and shutters has announced a new promotion. As part of this it offers 20% discount and high quality Shutter & Shade combos for light and dark control.

  • get maximum light control for your rooms with shutter amp shade combos from shut
  • get maximum light control for your rooms with shutter amp shade combos from shut

A new promotion has been launched by Shuttercraft, the leading provider for UK window blinds and shutters. It helps customers to “sleep tight with Shuttercraft” and as part of the promotion, anyone can get 20% off the stylish shutter and shade product available through the company website.

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The site explains that the new promotion applies to selected shutters only, and is available at participating Shuttercraft retailers. It represents an elegant way to slumber, with high quality products available through the renowned company.

Shuttercraft is known for making light work with its cutting edge window shutters, which give customers the maximum in light control. However, the team at Shuttercraft can also help customers to make the most of the dark, too.

The shutter and shade range turns light affected, sleepless days into a cosy, comfortably dark, and sleep encouraging space.

This means that, whether customers are working nights and needing to sleep during the day, or they have younger children who need darker rooms in order to nap, Shuttercraft’s high quality shutters can help.

Having beautiful shutters combined with room darkening blinds makes the difference between being kept awake at night and finding a peaceful night’s sleep. In addition to this, they’re also ideal for blocking out the majority of glare from streetlights.

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This can be highly beneficial, especially when so-called blackout blinds often fail to deliver on their promises. The Shutter & Shade combo offered by Shuttercraft can fit snugly on any window space within an overlapping frame, with a blind sitting behind a stylish shutter.

The company states: “Are you a parent with toddlers who need to nap during daylight hours? Or a nightshift worker who heads home to sleep while everyone else is just starting their day? Then you’re probably well aware of the drawbacks of light seeping into your bedroom affecting your rest.”

It adds: “As well as blocking out most external light, the combination of shutter and blind is incredibly insulating, keeping the warm in - perfect for patches of colder weather, helping you sleep more soundly.”

Shutters from Shuttercraft have superior light reduction, neutral street-facing colours, and 15 colours of blind insert for maximum customisation.

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Full details of the shutters available through Shuttercraft as part of its new promotion can be found on the URL above.

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