Get Long-Term Relief From Pain With Pelvic Floor Strength Exercises & Stretches

Jul 25, 2023

A weakened pelvic floor can lead to embarrassment, but Healthy Pelvic Floor Muscles wants to show you how to strengthen it with a range of do-it-at-home therapies.

When you were younger, leaking was never a problem. These days it's a common occurrence and you're not entirely sure how to sort it out.

First things first, weak pelvic floor muscles are a common problem for senior ladies and it can be difficult to know how to treat it. Fortunately, Healthy Pelvic Floor Muscles has a series of women’s health guides, allowing women like you to improve their pelvic floor health at home.

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Public health data suggests that up to a third of women will experience problems with their pelvic floor at some point during their lives. A weak pelvic floor occurs when the muscles in this area are stretched over time or placed under tension during pregnancy and childbirth, causing problems such as leaking, dryness, and incontinence. As some women experience shame about these problems, Healthy Pelvic Floor Muscles hopes to help more women restore strength in their pelvic floor and avoid embarrassment with its guides.

Compiled by Barbara Miller, a holistic health and pain relief expert, the guide series introduces you to a range of natural ways to improve your pelvic floor health, such as breathing, kegels, and strength exercises. Each guide includes a breakdown of how to perform each treatment and the benefits of doing so. One of the resources, in particular, discusses Pelvic Floor Therapy - a more intensive solution for women experiencing pelvic pain, incontinence, or prolapse.

By choosing one or more of the treatment options, you can expect to see improvement in your pelvic floor health within a period of two to three weeks.

Barbara Miller says, “Your pelvic floor muscles are a crucial component of your anatomy. These muscles play critical roles in regulating various bodily functions such as bladder control and bowel movements, among others, and it can be embarrassing when they aren’t working at their best. Fortunately, by understanding how to take care of the pelvic floor properly, you can prevent many problems while improving overall wellbeing significantly.”

About Healthy Pelvic Floor Muscles

Healthy Pelvic Floor Muscles is a health and wellbeing resource that helps men and women improve their pelvic floor condition. The team's mission is to give people greater control over their health without relying on harsh treatments or medications.

A decline in pelvic floor health happens as you age, but that shouldn't mean simply putting up with it. In fact, there are a range of ways to discreetly improve it - and Healthy Pelvic Floor Muscles is here to show you how.

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