Get Legal Advice To Create A Trust & Protect Your Assets In Rock Hill

Jul 26, 2023

If you want to leave your estate to loved ones but want to avoid probate, you can create a trust. Let Ligon Business & Estate Law (839-500-4766) will provide you with the legal advice you need to achieve your goals!

A personal trust can play an important role in estate planning, helping you not only protect your assets but also pass on your wealth more efficiently for the generations to come. If you live in Rock Hill, SC, and want to find a reliable trust attorney to help you prepare the necessary paperwork to create a trust for your estate, contact Ligon Business & Estate Law!

George T. Ligon II will guide you through state and federal laws and other legal and tax provisions to come up with the most viable strategy for retaining control over your money and property. The trust attorney is available to explain the advantages and disadvantages of setting up a trust as a way of protecting your assets under various estate planning scenarios.

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Ligon Business & Estate Law offers free consultations for clients considering the addition of a trust to their estate plan. The attorney will conduct an overview of your current financial worth, and ask questions to find out more about your family members and potential litigation scenarios. He will then come up with a plan to offset estate taxes, as well as probate and litigation issues based on your unique situation.

Trusts can be a key component of an individual's estate plan since they are flexible tools allowing families to manage their wealth for many generations and effectively safeguarding them from creditors and unexpected legal challenges. Once you create a trust, you can move a variety of assets into them, including investments, property, and bank accounts, as well as vehicles, artwork, and other personal property.

"A trust can be the centerpiece of an estate plan or a belated add-on to address new concerns, such as an unforeseen disability. Whether we are updating your entire estate plan, growing it, or editing only a few provisions of documents you already have in place, I’ll work with you to make sure everything works together," the trust attorney says.

If you want to examine the advantages and disadvantages of creating personal trust alongside other possible options and outcomes that could prove more feasible for your situation, you can use the form available on the Ligon Business & Estate Law's website to arrange a consultation.

In addition to asset protection and trust advice, Ligon Business & Estate Law also offers guidance on auction law, business law, business succession planning, estate planning, and family farm planning.

When you are in that period of your life when you are planning how you will distribute your possessions to your loved ones, you are probably facing the challenge of taking some difficult decisions regarding your assets. An experienced trust lawyer like George T. Ligon II will make sure your wishes are fulfilled and your assets are robustly protected.

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