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Oct 31, 2020

Looking for a fresh, new source of the latest breaking tech news? The JMOR Tech Talk Show is the show for you, featuring cutting edge interviews and all-new episodes about health and wellness, travel during COVID, and new NASA technology.

Looking for the latest tech news? Get your questions about travel during COVID, new NASA technology, and health and wellness answered by the latest episode of The JMOR Tech Talk Show.

Franklin Lakes, New Jersey-based The JMOR Connection, Inc. has announced the launch of the newest episode of their episodic series The JMOR Tech Talk Show. The November episode includes interviews about health and wellness, travel during COVID, and a new NASA technology.

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The recently released episode of The JMOR Tech Talk Show will feature a number of segments and interviews designed to engage the customers and clients of JMOR Connection. Patricia Boulogne will discuss health and wellness, a topic intended to attract audiences during a time when related concerns are particularly relevant.

In addition, the now-available November episodes of the JMOR Talk Show will feature an interview with Loulou Lima about how safe it is to travel during the current pandemic. With those discussions, Lima also touches on how to travel safely for those who may be considering it.

If you’re curious about what the latest technology NASA has started using is, the new episode of The JMOR Tech Talk Show. This tech, Bemer, is intended to protect astronauts’ bodies and keep them healthy while in space.

Like the other episodes in the series, this November episode keeps in line with the show’s philosophy of answering viewer questions about technology and explaining the ways tech works, and the reasons it may fall short.

The weekly show is intended to be engaging and open. The audience can receive further tips by texting “ITSUPPORT” to the number 888111.

This latest episode of The JMOR Tech Talk Show continues the series’ connection with The JMOR Connection, Inc, a company that specializes in custom IT solutions, tech relocation, IT tech support, and cloud storage. By providing customized technology solutions for clients’ homes and businesses, while also being a source of information on the latest advances in technology through their weekly show, JMOR intends to be the primary resource for technology needs in the Franklin Lakes area.

Don’t wait another second to be informed about the latest trends and technology that could affect your life. Check out The JMOR Tech Talk Show today!

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