Get Into The Groove And Start Moving With MOVE

Apr 8, 2021

Having studied the many health benefits of Mineral Water, Omegas 3,6 & 9 and Hemp, MOVE have combined these essential ingredients together, to bring you the very best in Hemp Infused Water. With our own exhilarating, and mood enhancing drink, you just need to try it, to feel instantly refreshed and revitalised.

Our distinctively sourced Mineral water with added Hemp

Why Hemp Water:

For the same motivations we ask, why Hemp infused gummies, vapes or creams? The answers are straightforward.

·        We know all about the many health advantages.

·        Easily absorbed, its effects can be instantaneous.

·        We want a quick, on-hand remedy.

·        We want to be relaxed and in command of our emotions.

·        We want to be more engaged and resourceful….

There are many positive health reasons why hemp infused products are continually on the up, and because of this, manufacturers are consistently developing innovative ways to supply new hemp products in response to the demand of an ever-expanding, and rigorous market.

Mineral Water:

Like mineral waters, MOVE water comes directly from a purified source, so it’s pollution free and packed with minerals, such as Calcium, Zinc, Sodium, and Magnesium. These minerals are part of the make-up imperative to sustaining a healthy diet.


·        Calcium easily absorbed by the body for strong healthy bones.

·        Zinc to help stable your metabolism and strengthen your immune system, speeding up wound healing and stimulating your senses.

·        Sodium for the body to perform normally and maintain essential levels of fluid and in the body.

·        Magnesium for muscle function and helping safeguard against muscle cramps.

Mineral water helps to regenerate and cleanse the body from toxins and has a positive effect on improving digestion. Accelerating hydration and keeping the body and skin nourished, some people noticed a detectable difference in their overall image.


These minerals may have a negative effect on the body, but only when taken in disproportionate amounts, but as there are only traces of each mineral in MOVE water, they are safe to take as part of a healthy supplement to your daily diet.

Omegas 3,6 & 9:

MOVE water also contains Omegas 3,6 & 9. which can benefit your overall health by improving your body’s balance of fatty acids.

·        Omega 3 is well known for reducing inflammation and depression. It also benefits the heart, immune and nervous system and helps in managing cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

·        Omega 6 provides energy for the body and can treat certain symptoms of chronic disease.

·        Omega 9 can improve insulin sensitivity.  


Hemp is a safe, non-psychotic compound extracted from the cannabis plant, and there is no doubt that the health benefits derived from hemp make it the most popular, sought after health supplement of the moment.              


●    Reduces stress levels.

●    Helps to relieve anxiety.

●    Improves your equilibrium.

●    Reduces inflammation.

●    Helps to alleviate pain.

●    Aids sleep.

●    Enriches your overall wellbeing. 


Hemp may have a negative interaction with certain drugs, so it is always advisable to talk to a medical expert prior to taking any product containing hemp. 

The Fusion: 

Containing Omegas 3,6 & 9, and using only the very best, electrolyte water, and infusing it with 10mg of high- quality non-psychotic Nano-hemp extract, plus the addition of four tantalizing flavors, Cucumber-Lime Cool, Mint Harmony, Watermelon Bliss and Lemon Twist to tickle your taste buds, MOVE water contains everything you need, to get you feeling literally, on top of the world.

Let it MOVE you

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