Get Ibogaine Detox Therapy Near Mountain View, CA For Opioid Abuse & Dependence

Mar 20, 2023

Ready to overcome your addiction and start a new chapter in your life? Casa Santa Isabel (1-800-706-4901) is here to help with its Ibogaine therapy which is administered in a controlled and supervised environment to ensure your safety and long-term recovery.

Get Ibogaine Detox Therapy Near Mountain View, CA For Opioid Abuse & Dependence

If you or someone you know is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, contact Casa Santa Isabel for a smooth trip to recovery with their ibogaine therapy.

Ibogaine therapy is an alternative treatment that has been clinically proven to reduce substance cravings and promote natural detoxification. Casa Santa Isabel explains that, in contrast to standard detox procedures, their on-site ibogaine-assisted detox can lead to complete abstinence from drugs or alcohol.

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"We understand that any form of rehabilitation can be unpleasant and stressful," said a spokesperson for the rehabilitation center. "At Casa Santa Isabel, we provide you with a unique, non-traditional experience. We believe that recovery should start in a relaxing and nurturing environment. Your safety, success, and enjoyment are our main goals."

Owing to the complexity of substance use disorder treatment, the Rosarito, Mexico-based rehabilitation center offers custom treatment plans that are developed based on your needs and goals. With years of experience in ibogaine treatment, Casa Santa Isabel’s medical staff employs a holistic approach to addiction recovery by combining its treatments with psychotherapy.

After an assessment, you will be put under a strictly regulated ibogaine treatment that can usually be completed within one week, depending on your addiction severity. After the treatment ends, you will undergo a psychiatric program. The clinic also recommends a variety of post-recovery solutions, such as group therapy, to help you achieve long-term recovery.

About Casa Santa Isabel

With a team of highly trained medical doctors, psychologists, support staff, nurses, and caretakers, Casa Santa Isabel offers drug and alcohol addiction treatments, including ibogaine and NAD+ IV therapy. The clinic runs a 6,000-square-foot facility that meets public health and safety requirements and offers patients a friendly atmosphere for faster recovery.

A satisfied patient said: "I had a great experience at Casa Santa Isabel. The staff members were professional and efficient. The facility is gorgeous, and everything is really clean. On the night of Ibogaine, I felt comfortable and safe; I trusted the medical staff, which consisted of 2 medical doctors, nurses, and a psychologist."

Casa Santa Isabel is your go-to clinic for overcoming drug or alcohol addiction! Get in touch today and begin your treatment under the care of experienced doctors and nurses.

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