Get High Quality Online Training On Setting Up A Freelance Business from anywhere in the world.

Dec 15, 2020

Freelance for Me – Freelance U provides you with high quality and in-demand training for online professionals and freelancers. They offer you a wholesome collection of courses, certifications, and workshop programs in three semesters.

Freelance for Me – a Freelance University partner based in Stone Ridge VA brings you its wide range of superior training programs, courses, and live and interactive workshops that are all put together to help you gain the skill and insight required to run a freelance business from home successfully. Freelance University offers industry-related certifications in eight core tracks. Courses in software technology, web development, and social and digital media marketing are available for the students. 

With the latest announcement the organization aims to help you develop skills that are valued in industries, and to create a profitable and flexible business from the ground up. They help their students to find the most lucrative service and specialization.

On joining the Freelance University monthly or annual tuition plan, you can get instant access to 80+ valuable certifications and workshops. You are also connected with eight talented mentors who are ready to answer questions and provide direction.

Freelance University offers skill-based courses that are designed to help you earn a potential income from home. They provide certifications that are industry-leading and that are specialized in areas such as Digital Marketing, Podcast Production, Project Management, Word Press, and more.

The community of like-minded people at Freelance University have created a Facebook group that is conducive for growth and learning. You can set up a professional profile in the Freelance University Directory and be seen by an ever-expanding base of clients who are searching for skilled professionals.

Freelance University offers three semesters of courses, certifications, and workshops that have been designed to help you find the insights required to create a profitable business. The set of courses and programs each semester is based on an on-going survey and inputs from students. Each new semester contains one core course, one new certification, and four interactive workshops which adds up to 18 components in one year.

Having partnered with the 3rd party accreditation company,, Freelance University can deliver digital certificates that can be easily integrated with your LinkedIn profile, personal and social media websites. Every month they offer live and interactive 90-minute workshops based on freelance and business relevant topics.

Freelance University offers tutorials in software technology and apps that are relevant to the freelancing business. The tutorials cover topics such as social media management tools, project management, and eCommerce tools, marketing landing page tools, and productivity tools.

For more information visit their website

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