Get Handcrafted Industrial Distilling Equipment From Victoria BC

Feb 24, 2021

Looking for premium distilling and brewing equipment? Call the specialist team at Specific Mechanical Systems in Victoria, BC to get the custom manufacturing solutions you need!

Always choose the best distilling and brewing systems for your craft beer and spirit company - call the local Victoria BC manufacturer Specific Mechanical Systems to get the custom continuous columns and pot stills you need!

Specific Mechanical Systems, a specialist brewing and distilling equipment manufacturer located in Victoria, BC, have recently updated their range of premium quality, handcrafted beer and spirit producing systems, offering both pot stills and continuous columns.

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The newly updated selection at Specific Mechanical Systems includes pot stills ranging between 500 and 2000 litres in capacity, with custom material options and add-ons, including agitators, glass man-ways, and vessel lights. They also offer you skid mounted distillation equipment, designed with easy set-up features and a built-in davit, making it your ideal pre-plumbed and pre-wired industrial distilling system.

Specific Mechanical Systems have been producing premium quality, handcrafted brewing and distilling equipment for almost thirty years. Employing a team of over 85 specialists, they can provide your local craft beer and spirit company with complex processing equipment designed to distill and brew the best possible products.

As well as their range of handcrafted copper and stainless steel distilling systems, the Victoria-based company can supply you with high quality food processing tanks, essential oil extraction and pressure vessels, and electronically controlled treatment equipment.

You can distill spirits in a pot still or a continuous column. The traditional pot still method was first used in the 9th century and is still used to this day, relying on copper’s unique properties as an efficient heat conductor and natural sulphur extractor to produce a high quality spirit from ethanol vapour.

Specific Mechanical Systems’ newly expanded range of pot stills are ideal if you want to produce a number of spirits including whiskey, rum, and tequila. Alternatively, their continuous columns are much larger and are comprised of stainless steel and copper, which are effective in heating your wash and removing its unwanted impurities.

Specifically, you can run these systems continuously, while you have to clean pot stills after each batch of new spirit. Not only do they produce higher quantities than pot stills, but continuous columns are also your top choice for distilling vodka, gin, and white rum. Comparatively, the pot stills at Specific Mechanical Systems can achieve a maximum distillation of 60-80% ABV (alcohol by volume), whereas their new continuous columns can reach 96%.

Specific Mechanical Systems are the Victoria, BC distilling specialists offering handcrafted beer and spirit producing equipment - call them today at +1-250-652-2111 to get the high-quality industrial distillation and brewing systems you need!

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