Get FSM Treatment Devices To Treat Chronic Pain At Your Physical Therapy Clinic

Mar 8, 2024

Are your patients calling out for alternative physical therapy services for chronic aches and pains? Would you like to add non-invasive frequency-specific microcurrent treatments to your therapies? Then check out MEND Technology’s range of portable, programmable and easy-to-use FSM units.

As a physical therapist practitioner, you want to provide your patients with the most effective treatment options for their conditions. If you are thinking about integrating FSM (frequency-specific microcurrent) treatments, you may be wondering where to begin. That’s where MEND Technology’s team can help with their range of portable microcurrent technology units that are loaded with a collection of pre-programmed physical medicine protocols.

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With the FSM devices, you can complement your existing physical therapies with bio-resonance technology that facilitates holistic and non-invasive treatments for your patients' acute and chronic conditions.

An Alternative Option For Pain Relief 

According to recent CDC reports, over 51 million adults in the United States experience chronic pain. While pain relief medication is an option for alleviating the condition, many people do not want to take them, due to the risk of harmful side effects and possible addiction. As such, FSM treatments are becoming increasingly popular as a drug-free alternative for relieving acute and chronic pain.

Incorporate FSM Into Your Clinic’s Services 

To make it easier for you to incorporate these treatments into your physical therapy clinic’s services, MEND Technology offers a range of portable and easy-to-use FSM devices. The devices allow for microcurrent to be delivered to targeted areas of the body, which in turn can reduce pains and swelling.

Customizable For Your Needs

Included in the company’s 2024 range are the MEND Professional and the MEND Wellness Units. Each of these offers similar features, with MEND Professional including extra storage space for loading and programming of protocols, as well as additional customization options for polarity, waveform, frequency, intensity, and time adjustments.

To learn more about FSM and its uses, you can also sign up for the company’s sponsored FSM training, which includes a foundational course on frequency-specific microcurrent treatments and their clinical applications. The course also includes details on how to program and use the MEND devices for specific treatments such as myofascial pains and fibromyalgia syndrome, as well as issues relating to nerve, disc, facet, muscle, and ligament pains.

A spokesperson for MEND Technology said, “As a solution-based company providing innovative approaches for bio-resonance technologies we are committed to listening to the needs of practitioners and staying vigilant to this fast-paced and ever-changing environment of energy medicine applications.”

Update your physical therapy clinic’s services with MEND Technology's portable FSM units today!

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