2024’s Best Portable Frequency-Specific Microcurrent Devices For Practitioners

Apr 3, 2024

Whether for at home or your clinical practice, MEND Technology’s cutting-edge portable, programmable frequency-specific microcurrent devices offer everything you need to improve your and your patients’ health.

If you're a new or experienced energy medicine practitioner, you know that a high-quality frequency-specific microcurrent (FSM) device can be a game-changer for you and your patients.

MEND Technology's portable devices were designed by FSM practitioners, for FSM practitioners and can expand the capacity of your practice no matter your experience level.

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MEND's cutting-edge line of devices includes a professional unit, designed specifically for practitioners experienced in FSM, and a wellness unit that is suitable for both less experienced practitioners and any interested individuals.

MEND Professional

MEND's Professional FSM device offers two operating modes: automatic and manual. This device is fully programmable and can hold up to 999 distinct protocols that you can write and enter yourself, ensuring your unique patients' needs are met.

The MEND professional unit also allows you to daisy-chain up to 9 protocols. You can easily change frequency, waveform, intensity, time, and polarity during runtime, for optimum ease of use!

MEND Wellness

For less experienced FSM practitioners or home users, the MEND wellness kit comes pre-programmed and includes a library of physical medicine protocols for pain treatment.

This unit allows for easy navigation of the many pre-set protocols and, if you also own the software, can be programmed with up to 99 unique protocols as well. MEND Wellness allows you or your patients to reap all the benefits of this valuable technology without you having to put in hours of training.

MEND Is For Everyone

Another unique offering of the MEND line is a magnetic converter that allows practitioners to use pulsed electromagnetic field therapy to treat patients who cannot tolerate sticky pads or wet towels. The two magnetic discs that connect to the magnetic converter with the MEND Pro or Wellness can simply be placed close to the area in need of treatment, so any patient, regardless of skin sensitivities or allergies, can benefit.

Both the MEND Wellness and Professional units are fairly small, the dimensions being 5.1 x 3.2 x 1.2 inches, allowing you to easily transport and store them. They also include a one-year warranty and two AA alkaline batteries, which serve as the power source for each device and can easily be changed out as needed.

The MEND FSM units are fully portable with an intuitive design and a backlit display and can be purchased either alone or as part of a package. Purchasing a MEND package means you'll get not only the high-end device of your choice, but also software, a USB cable, leads, electrode pads, and conductive material.

Want to learn more, contact the expert team at MEND Technology, or order your own MEND FSM device? Get started today by visiting https://mendtechnology.com/

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