Get Free-Range Poultry And Game Meat Home Delivered From This Melbourne Butcher

Jul 8, 2021

Nifra Poultry (03 9329 6861) and butcher in Melbourne CBD, is helping Victorians make the most of their weekly shopping needs by offering online ordering and home delivery services of their fresh, locally sourced free-range poultry and sustainable game meats.

When it’s time to shop for meat for your family you have two options, the supermarket and the local butcher. While some people might think shopping at the market for meat is cheaper, that’s not always the case. What’s more important though is quality.

When you shop from your local butcher you are getting fresher, higher quality products that can be cut right in front of you. This meat has no hormones and no antibiotics. You can also ask your butcher for their advice on the type and cut of meat you should get for a particular recipe. If you live in the Melbourne, CBD area, you know this butcher by name: Nifra Poultry.

Make things easier on yourself. Order online from Nifra Poultry at

But did you know they now offer home delivery? Yes, that’s right! Fresh game meat and free-range poultry butcher Nifra Poultry in Melbourne, CBD now offers home delivery and contactless payment services every Tuesday and Friday evening between 4 – 7:00pm to residents within a 10km radius of their Queen Victoria Market location.

You can order anything from free-range chicken and other poultry cuts and preparations to game meats that include camel and kangaroo as well as sausages, eggs, duck fat, and their favourite Nifra marinades and spices directly from the company’s website.

If you’re in the Metro Melbourne area you can also order online. Same-day orders need to be received by 11:00am, but you can also schedule orders for future delivery. You can mix and match for a week’s worth of family dinners by choosing from free-range chicken, duck, rabbit, kangaroo, turkey, quail, pheasant, emu, squab and more!

As lockdown restrictions ease in the Melbourne area, Victorians have been warned to continue to exercise prudence. As a result, many residents feel more comfortable placing grocery orders online. To accommodate your preferences Nifra Poultry in Melbourne, CBD has expanded services to make online ordering and delivery as convenient as possible.

Established in 1964, Nifra Poultry is a family-owned and operated business dedicated to sourcing and supplying the highest quality of free-range poultry and game meats. All chicken products are sourced from Hazeldenes Chicken Farm in central Victoria and delivered to the company at their Queen Victoria Market location fresh daily. Game meats are only sourced from Australian suppliers that satisfy the Nifra family’s exacting standards.

If you decide to pop by their store in the Dairy Produce Hall to see why they’re the number one choice within the Melbourne area, you’ll find the best selection of high-quality poultry and game meats for miles. Choose from dozens of poultry preparations and cuts of meat that include stuffed turkey rolls, chicken steaks, wings, breasts and tenderloins, whole 100% sustainable duck, Hazeldene’s whole, free-range chickens, schnitzel, quail and even burgers.

As the region’s most recognized game meat butchers, the team offer a selection of meats that include crocodile, rabbit, and different cuts of kangaroo, venison, camel, buffalo, boar, and crocodile. If you’ve never tried camel before it has the same texture as beef, but it’s sweeter. It’s also very high in protein and low in fat.

Emu is another interesting one! It’s low in fat, very healthy, and looks like beef but tastes like chicken. If you’re a fan of pork but you’re looking for something a little different, try the boar. It’s low in fat and extremely flavourful.

With the expansion of their services to include home delivery of their fresh game meats and free-range poultry, Nifra Poultry helps you enjoy fresh, expertly butchered meats along with eggs, sausages and a wide variety of their specially made marinades, rubs and seasonings while you do your part by limiting unnecessary outings.

Are you ready to surprise your family with the most incredible dinners imaginable? Visit so you can get started.

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