Get Featured On CBS Morning & Today Show With This Earned Media TV PR Company

Aug 16, 2022

If digital marketing just isn’t working for you, why not reach an even larger audience with network TV slots and streaming channels without the high pay-to-play fees? Talk to TenXPR about their earned media broadcasting services today!

Get Featured On CBS Morning & Today Show With This Earned Media TV PR Company

If you’re struggling to get noticed and you don’t have a big budget for PR, talk to TenXPR about their unique earned media services. Get featured on popular network shows and build your brand reputation and credibility!

TenXPR provides CEOs, brands, start-ups, and experts with a simple way to secure airtime on popular magazine shows such as Good Morning America, CBS Morning, and the Today Show. Earned media offers you a unique opportunity to reach a mass audience without paying high fees to networks for the privilege.

Build your brand and business with broadcast media. TenXPR can pitch you for prime slots on popular shows. More details at

The company takes an innovative approach to brand and product visibility in the modern age. TenXPR helps position you as a trusted authority on your specialist subject and generate interest in your brand, securing spots on some of the most-watched network shows on American television.

According to Demand Gen Report, earned media offers an effective method of gaining third-party validation from media outlets without the high price tag that comes with pay-for-play appearances. This kind of organic exposure can add credibility for brands and their representatives, helping to generate more traffic to websites and impact a company’s bottom line over the short and long term.

TenXPR has an extensive list of contacts at all of the major television stations, enabling the team to pitch you and your ideas to the right producers for the most suitable shows. While national TV appearances reach the largest audience, the company advocates for the power of multiple slots on local networks, often producing a similar result in terms of impact on brand visibility and profile.

You’ll benefit from close collaboration with the TenXPR team who bring years of experience in creating powerful narratives to enhance reputations and increase visibility – both culturally and commercially.

About TenXPR

Led by founder Samantha Jacobson – an expert in broadcast public relations – the company not only secures you earned media TV appearances but also helps prepare you for the experience with coaching, ensuring you create the right impression when on screen.

A spokesperson says, “At TenXPR, our mission is to execute all of our available resources, knowledge, expertise, and team collaboration to create a powerful story and visibility for your brand.”

TenXPR continues to set the standard for broadcast PR in the earned media space. Find out why for yourself!

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Get yourself noticed with earned media from TenXPR!

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