Get Expert Social Emotional Fitness Courses For Asian Children And Youth

May 11, 2021

Are you an Asian parent who is tired of seeing your child excel academically but lacking real-world social-emotional skills? Contact curaFUN today for their specialized programs which assess and improve these areas!

Are you a parent belonging to the global Asian community and searching for a proven way to improve your children’s lifetime social and emotional skills?

A non-profit organization, curaFUN, focused on developing and improving Emotional Quotient in children and youth of the global Asian community, has announced the launch of its Chinese and English programs which target this topic. The programs can correctly assess and adequately develop children and youth’s social-emotional skills.

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With the Chinese and English StrengthBuilder program, which gives unlimited access to a collection of courses, curaFUN is committed to placing valuable tools in Asian children, youth, and parent’s reach which will build on confidence, discipline, resilience, empathy, cooperation, and communication. These are crucial life skills that will accompany and assist them for the entirety of their life.

Through the implementation of Artificial Intelligence and specific algorithms, early detection of prevalent issues such as anxiety, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), and autism is also possible with the aid of curaFUN’s program.

The non-profit counts with a unique global reach catering to Chinese-Americans as well as overseas Chinese.

History and research show that because of traditionally ingrained cultural stigmas the Asian population receives minimal emotional well-being support as compared to other communities. Around the world, Asian children and youth are often seen and many times stereotyped as bright, quiet, and agreeable.

Asian youth and adults often excel in academics at every level, but once out in the real world lack advancement. The experts at curaFUN believe Emotional Quotient (EQ) to be the missing ingredient, and the program they provide to be precise in targeting the issue.

The non-profit curaFUN is offering programs for children from the ages 4-11 in Mandarin Chinese and/or English. Your child is expected to have intermediate control of the language, which will continue to improve as they advance in the modules. Each module builds upon the other assessing, improving, supporting, and providing a roadmap of behavioral readiness, performance, and social-emotional skills.

Upon completion of the initial assessment, you receive a comprehensive report highlighting your child or youth’s scores in each area of the distinct inner strength areas. This assessment process has been reviewed and validated by the National Science Foundation as well as other third parties.

A spokesperson for the company states, “curaFUN believes IQ + EQ = Lifelong Success. The relationship between academic achievement and social-emotional development is bilateral and symbiotic. Our Multilingual Immersions, StrengthBuilders, and personalized comics integrate fun and social-emotional fitness into the learning process to help children acquire and develop the critical inner strengths and cultural fluidity necessary to thrive — in school, throughout life, and around the world.”

The curaFUN program is a no-contract subscription-based service with monthly or yearly options. A free 1-month trial is also available so you can give the course a test run and choose the best approach for your child.

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