Get Expert Companion Home Health Services from this Marietta Georgia Agency

Feb 26, 2021

Looking for an in-home care provider for your loved ones? Check out Lexx Homecare, a health care agency based in Marietta, Georgia, for expert in-home and companion care services!

Never compromise on the quality of your home health services! Check out Lexx Homecare for the expert in-home service options your loved ones deserve!

Lexx Homecare, a licensed home care agency based in Marietta, Georgia, announced their updated in-home and companion care services. The agency offers home care options for seniors, the elderly, and people dealing with disabilities. 

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The latest announcement highlights the specialized care services that Lexx Homecare offers to you. While Lexx Homecare provides many service options, the latest announcement focuses on their companion and in-home care services. The services are designed to help you find care solutions for yourself or your family.

With Lexx Homecare’s in-home services, clients are attended to by highly experienced home health care aides. The in-home services are useful for elderly or disabled clients and can be adjusted to meet the client’s specific health care needs. 

Similarly, the companion services use Lexx Homecare’s professional team members to help clients with day-to-day tasks. In doing so, the clients’ families can be relieved of some stress that is associated with being a primary caregiver. The agency offers home visits on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis, depending on the client’s needs. 

The home health and care aides from Lexx Homecare come from a mix of professional backgrounds and are often RN’s, LPN’s, physical therapists, home care aides, occupational therapists, or social workers. The experienced aides can help with many of a client’s home healthcare needs, including bathing, dressing, toileting, and grooming. They can also help with household tasks such as laundry, housekeeping, meal preparation, and transportation.

There are several benefits to using at-home care services, as opposed to traditional facilities or hospitals. At-home care is a rapidly expanding industry and provides aging clients with a cost-effective alternative to traditional facility care options. 

One of the primary reasons that clients select home care is the cost savings. The cost for daily home care visits is much less than the daily hospital or long-term care facility rates. This allows clients to receive the hands-on care that they need without paying exorbitant prices. 

Another major benefit of the services from Lexx Homecare is that the at-home care options allow clients to remain in their own homes. It can be helpful for a client’s recovery to remain in an environment that they find familiar and comfortable. By remaining in their own homes, clients can remain in an environment that is conducive to their long-term health success. 

Lexx Homecare delivers a wide range of health care services for their client’s specific needs and strives to offer the best health care available. Based in Marietta, Georgia, the agency is licensed by the State of Georgia Healthcare Facility Regulation Division of the Department of Community Health. Care programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of the client, and the agency’s expert home health aides are trained to provide the highest standard of health care available. 

A spokesperson from the agency said: “Our objective is to improve our clients’ lives regardless of their injury, illness, age, or developmental disability.”

Lexx Homecare’s team of expert in-home service providers can give you the help you need! Check out their website for a list of their service options.

Ready to find the specialized home care options you need? Visit to find out more!

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