Get Expert Advice For Universal Life Insurance At Leading Firm In Etobicoke, ON

Nov 23, 2021

Have you planned for your and your family’s financial future? If you feel like you are falling behind in this area, call DFSIN Toronto West at (416-695-1433) today!

DFSIN Toronto West’s team of financial experts will direct you on the right path to short and long-term financial stability. 

Orlando Ali, the newest member of the firm, is committed to providing you with professional life and health insurance assistance. He will guide you to achieve financial balance in your life.  

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The Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network Toronto West is pleased with this new appointment. The group feels that it shows you their mission to continuously give you the best service and resources possible.

As part of his duties, Orlando will direct you to the best life insurance plan options for your specific case. Two interesting coverages the centre provides are the Participating Life Insurance and the Universal Life Insurance policies.

With the Participating Life Insurance plan, you will receive lifetime insurance protection and opportunities to access funds or grow your estate. It is possible to accomplish, by using tax-efficient dividend solutions. You will also be able to increase your death benefit to counter inflation. 

The Universal Life Insurance coverage is appealing if you wish to own an adaptable insurance plan while building non-taxable assets in a savings repository. It will allow you to reduce the tax load on your estate and leave a large inheritance that is not subject to taxes.

The two other types of insurance the firm offers are Term Life Insurance – usually the most affordable one with various individual plans to choose from – and Permanent Life Insurance. This last one aims to supply coverage for the remainder of your lifespan.

About DFSIN Toronto West

Founded more than 15 years ago, the financial center has grown to over 80 independent advisors. It is considered the largest of its kind in Canada. 

This multi-disciplinary team of professionals has served thousands of clients and can assist you with every facet of your financial standing.  

A spokesperson for the company says, “Since 2005, we have been proudly serving businesses and communities in Toronto and west of the city, including Etobicoke, York, North York, Old Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, and the entire Niagara Golden Horseshoe region. Call us! We are always available and happy to answer your questions.”

By visiting you can also receive a free quote today!

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