Get Excellent Crepes a la Cart Food At Your Next Party In Breckenridge, CO

Sep 22, 2021

Event and party hosts tasked with making the catering arrangements will welcome the practical option of booking a mobile food stall from Crepes a la Cart in Breckenridge, CO, which offers great food to partygoers.

Book Crepes a la Cart of Breckenridge, CO, as your next party location. Sample their comprehensive choice of savory and sweet crepe fillings, all handheld and designed to make party catering as simple as possible.

The company has launched a private party cart service to complement its sit-down restaurant and its popular stall on Main Street. It will bring its new crepes cart directly to you to serve your party guests. If you are a regular visitor to South Main Street in Breckenridge, you will be familiar with the eye-catching crepes cart that serves quality street food to shoppers and visitors every day.

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The party cart is the latest expansion for Crepes a la Cart and follows the recent opening of the company's first bricks and mortar restaurant located in South Bridge Street Alley, Breckenridge, CO. Fans of the Crepes a la Cart interesting savory and sweet crepe menu can now dine in a more relaxed and comfortable setting, with early morning diners also able to enjoy the innovative breakfast crepe menu.

Having an extensive menu choice covering both savory and sweet items allows the crepes cart to cater for all your guest's palettes and to serve food either in a meal-style of savory followed by dessert or as individual snack items.

Savory crepe menu items include the Breck Ribeye, Chicken Florentine, Philly Cheesesteak, the Smoked Salmon Club, and many more including two vegetarian options. There is also an option to have your crepes created using a gluten-free batter. If you love desserts, you will enjoy choosing between the Chocolate Crepe, Lemon Souffle, the traditional Crepe Suzette, Strawberry Short Cake, German Apple strudel, and many more.

Whilst retaining the traditional pancake shape, crepes are very different from the American fluffy pancakes served in stacks. The main difference is that crepes are much thinner due to them being made in an unleavened form without rising agents being added.

Originating in Brittany in the South West of France, crepes were made with buckwheat flour and used as the carbohydrate element of meals in place of potatoes. Over time, fillings were added to make them more appetizing and the buckwheat flour was replaced with white flour to enable the crepes to be served with sweet fillings.

The thin traditional crepes served by Crepes a la Cart make perfect handheld party food for your guests as the crepe can be folded around the filling and eaten as a handheld snack. This makes life considerably easier and more convenient for you since cutlery is not required and neither are seating areas for guests to eat their food.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Crepes a la Cart is an ideal choice for organizers wanting an appetizing menu with savory and sweet items that are simple to serve to partygoers. We would encourage party hosts to get in touch to wrap up their party catering arrangements.”

Choose the exciting catering option of Crepes a la Cart for your next event or party. Have interesting food served and enjoy the party yourself without having to worry about the washing up!

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