Get Examined For Sleep Apnea At Home In Brisbane With New Diagnostic Technology

Jul 23, 2021

Sleep Study Brisbane (07-3708-3233) is offering convenient at-home testing for sleep disorders. Skip spending the night at a sleep lab, and get diagnosed from sleeping in your own bed!

Does your partner snore? Do they claim that you snore? It's possible that sleep apnea may be the cause! Normally getting a diagnosis for sleep apnea can be a real pain, but new portable technology is making it more convenient than ever!

Sleep Study Brisbane, a group of expert sleep technicians partnered with sleep specialists in Brisbane and NSW, has announced the launch of new home sleep study options. Previously if you required a sleep study you had no choice but to sleep overnight in a sleep lab.

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The recently launched home sleep study option for patients in Brisbane offers a more convenient approach to getting a sleep apnea diagnosis. A sleep test technician from the service suggests that being tested at home may be a more effective solution for patients who are more at ease in their own homes, and find it easier to get a proper night's sleep.

Sleep apnea is a disorder that can affect your breathing during sleep, causing your breathing to stop several times. There are different types of sleep apnea, all of which can cause you to briefly awake. Often this results in jerks, gasping, snorts, snores, gurgles, or other disruptive noises and movements.

The technicians at Sleep Study Brisbane use a portable polysomnograph, the same device used by sleep labs and doctors to diagnose sleep breathing disorders. The device has won awards for medical design excellence and provides a high degree of reliability while being portable enough to use for in-home testing.

If you have been referred for a sleep study by your GP you will have the majority of the cost covered by Medicare. The exact amount of the out-of-pocket costs to the patient can be determined when booking an appointment, and will depend on a number of factors, such as how far the technician would drive to the patient's location.

After receiving a referral and booking an appointment, a sleep technician will visit your house in the evening to set up the equipment. There is also an option to visit the clinic and have the equipment set up at their office. The equipment is light and portable enough that you can drive home with it attached, and continue to move around your home after your appointment and throughout the night.

Once the night is over and your data has been recorded by the unit, you can remove the device and package it in the supplied bag. You can then return the device to the sleep technicians at their office. The device will contain a record of your sleep positions, heart rate and rhythm, airflow, and more. This is enough information for a qualified sleep expert to provide a diagnosis.

If you're tired of waking up several times a night from lack of breath, or concerned about a partner who does, give them a call today. Don't suffer through the snores and night sounds, get a simple at-home exam that can provide the diagnosis you need for true peace of mind.

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