Get ERC Rebates With PPP Loans 2022 | Maximize CARES Act Payroll Tax Credits

Dec 6, 2022

Did you know you can now claim ERTC tax rebates, even if your business already got a PPP loan? It’s easy, and almost every business is eligible. can help you to maximize your rebate, and complete the paperwork for you.

Get ERC Rebates With PPP Loans 2022 | Maximize CARES Act Payroll Tax Credits

Did your business already qualify for a PPP loan?

Then you're almost certainly eligible for an ERTC rebate, and now it's easier than ever to make a claim - you don't even need to worry about the paperwork. has a team of dedicated ERTC experts that will take care of everything from helping to find out if you qualify, to making sure you get the maximum allowable rebate and helping you file a claim. It takes just 8 minutes to apply and it can be very profitable.

The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) program was originally only available to employers who did not enroll in the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), but recent amendments to the program have expanded the eligibility. If your business has already received PPP loans, you can now claim up to $26,000 per employee in refundable tax credits as well, using the rebate program offered by

Visit to find out if you're eligible, and to get help maximizing your rebate.

With the expanded eligibility for the ERTC program, the majority of American small and medium-sized businesses now qualify for tax credits, with no limit on the amount of funding available.'s rebate program can help you to claim rebates for individual fiscal quarters or the entire duration of the ERTC program.

To qualify for rebates, your business must have 500 W-2 employees or fewer and have been affected by the pandemic. There are several ways a business can be affected, including a reduction in gross receipts compared to the same fiscal quarter of the previous year, or temporary closures due to lockdowns or other government orders.

You may also qualify for rebates if your business had to operate at a limited capacity during the pandemic, such as limiting store capacities, offering takeout or curbside pickup only, or having employees limited due to remote working restrictions. If you believe you may qualify for rebates, you can use an eligibility assessment on the ERC Grants website to determine if your business qualifies and how much you may be able to claim.

The rebate program is available to all employers with 500 W-2 employees or fewer, including startups, new businesses founded during the pandemic, and non-profit organizations such as churches, schools, and clinics. Their ERTC experts have helped clients to claim rebates ranging from $100,000 to over $6 million.

One recent client said, “The government programs that are part of the CARES Act can be very daunting and confusing to understand. BottomLine Concepts was extremely patient and diligent, working individually with our franchisees to maximize their money during the pandemic. They were a great partner and we look forward to a lasting relationship.”

With most small and medium-sized now eligible for up to $26,000 per employee in rebates, there's no reason not to apply.

Unlike the PPP, ERTC rebates are not a loan, never need to be repaid, and have absolutely no restrictions on how this money can be spent.

Visit to maximize your claim, the easy way.

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