Get ERC Rebates In 2023: Maximize Tax Credits & Pandemic Relief With PPP Loans

Jan 8, 2023

In less than 60 seconds, and with absolutely no cost, you can get pre-qualified for up to $26,000 per employee in ERC rebates from the federal government that you never have to pay back. It’s easy.

Get ERC Rebates In 2023: Maximize Tax Credits & Pandemic Relief With PPP Loans

Have you ever noticed that we often miss great opportunities because we're so busy waiting for them to fall right into our laps that we don't hear them knocking on the door?

Knock Knock.

This is opportunity speaking, letting you know that if you run a small or medium-sized business in the USA, you're almost certainly eligible for a tax rebate from the IRS.

There are no strings attached and no repayment.

The money is already yours, reimbursement for wages you paid during the pandemic - all you have to do is claim it, and while that can be a little tricky with all the paperwork - there's also an easy way.

A new fast eligibility assessment created by ERC Scope can help you get pre-qualified for Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) rebates with no cost or obligation.

Visit to do the 60-second pre-qualification check right now for free.

With the new eligibility assessment tool, you can answer five simple questions to determine if you qualify for ERTC rebates and access a team of ERTC application specialists that can help to maximize your rebate. The entire assessment takes approximately one minute to complete and does not require any proprietary business information.

Though the ERTC program started off as a small pandemic aid, it has grown into the largest relief program in American history, offering rebates of up to $26,000 per employee. Unlike other relief programs, these funds are not a loan or deferral, never require repayment, and have no restrictions on how they can be spent.

After going through several rounds of amendments, the program has been expanded to include almost any employer in the USA with between 5 and 500 W-2 employees. Rebates are also available for startups, new businesses founded during the pandemic, and non-profit organizations, such as churches, schools, and clinics.

But what about if you've already enrolled in the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)? You can also claim ERTC rebates after an amendment made in the Consolidated Appropriations Act. You can also schedule a no-cost call with an ERTC specialist after completing the pre-qualification assessment to discuss the eligibility requirements and ensure that you qualify before proceeding.

Using the ERTC application service, you can get help to determine which fiscal quarters you are eligible for, how the PPP will affect your rebate, and approximately how much you can claim. You can also use the service to complete the entire application process, including maximizing IRS rebates and filling in the required paperwork.

Though individual rebates will vary, with no upper limit on funding, the average small business rebate is approximately $150,000, with some employers claiming as much as $6 million.

Opportunity is knocking, and it's absolutely free to find out if you qualify.

Even more importantly, there's now an easy way to ensure you get the maximum allowable rebate, and you don't even have to worry about the paperwork.

Visit to get help applying for your rebate, or to learn more about the ERTC program.

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