Get Digital Baseball Trading Cards & Dynamic Season Ticket NFTs In April 2022

May 4, 2022

Major League Baseball has big plans when it comes to NFTs and digital assets. Find out what you can expect to see in 2022 and beyond, in this new article from Chiliz News.

It seems like everyone is getting involved in Major League Baseball this year. Did you hear they just signed a contract with the Kool-Aid man?

He’s going to be the relief pitcher.

Unfortunately, we probably won’t see him in any of the new digital trading cards being made available this year, but there will be 720 other players available to collect.

Over the last few years, NFTs and fan tokens have become an important part of sports memorabilia and fan engagement for major teams and premier leagues around the world. A new article from Chiliz News explains how Major League Baseball is going to be affected, and the NFTs you can expect to see in the future.

Visit to learn more about all the NFTs and digital assets being planned by MLB.

For decades, fans have collected and saved their ticket stubs after attending baseball games, to serve as personal mementos. This has become harder in recent years, as tickets have become digital, but MLB may have found a solution. The new article from Chiliz News explains that after you attend a game, the MLB plans to offer you access to a digital NFT ticket stub.

Each digital ticket stub will include the seat number where you sat and might mention a club sponsor. There will also be special season-ticket NFTs for season-ticket holders. Unlike traditional NFTs, which always stay the same, season-ticket NFTs will be regularly updated to include the team’s scores throughout the season. MLB is also offering commemorative NFTs if you attend particular game nights this season.

The article includes information about MLB returning to its roots, with a new set of NFT trading cards for 720 players. These NFTs will also include dynamic statistics, with each player’s information receiving regular updates. Every player will have 5 trading cards available, with different levels of rarity. For more information about MLB NFT trading cards, please visit

Over the last year, the NFL, NBA, NHL and European soccer leagues have made partnerships with Chiliz, the creator of blockchain-based fan tokens, and the popular fan engagement app Socios. MLB is also considering fan tokens, as they provide a unique way for teams to interact with their fans and reward their loyalty.

Fan tokens are digital assets that act as your proof of membership into unique fan clubs that allow teams to interact directly with their supporters. While every sport has so far managed clubs in its own way, it is not unusual to see members rewarded with unique NFTs, a chance to win VIP seats, or access to members-only polls that may affect future decisions for the team.

While it’s difficult to say exactly what NFTs or digital surprises will come next, it seems like MLB isn’t done yet. Stay informed of all the latest news related to sports NFTs and digital fan clubs, with regular updates from Chiliz News.

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