Get Dave Blair’s Not Afraid To Bleed MP3 Download For A Unique Mix Of Funk Rock Pop, Harmonic Melodies and soulful singing from the Next Rock Super Star Dave Blair

Jul 11, 2018

Dave Blair’s critically acclaimed second album Not Afraid To Bleed is now available as a complete digital download, featuring an eclectic mix of funk, rock, pop and blues.

  • get dave blair s not afraid to bleed mp3 download for a unique mix of funk rock
  • get dave blair s not afraid to bleed mp3 download for a unique mix of funk rock
  • get dave blair s not afraid to bleed mp3 download for a unique mix of funk rock

Dave Blair announced the digital launch of his second album, the critically acclaimed Not Afraid To Bleed. Featuring an eclectic range of funk rock, soul, blues and pop, the album marks the transition from the mellower sound of his first album to a more energetic approach to singing, guitar playing and songwriting.

Officially launched in 2017, Dave’s album features 9 tracks combining influences from a wide range of musical genres into a unique, mature sound. From funk rock grooves to catchy blues guitar licks and engaging pop beats, the album covers an eclectic array of styles and has been appreciated by many experts for its originality and overall musical quality.

The most popular three songs are “Red Flags”, “Gonna Do” and “Blameless”. Praised for funky groove in the style of bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Red Flags” has quickly become a hit among funk rock fans, while “Gonna Do” has been commended for its energetic, old school yet original funk sound. “Blameless” stars off as what might seem a gentle and sweet song but this gentleness gets overtaken by a storm of emotional vocal and guitar intensity as it draws you in.

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Not Afraid to Bleed was mixed by Ronan Chris Murphy, a successful multi-genre producer and engineer who has worked with legendary artists such as King Crimson, Terry Bozzio and Steve Morse. Ronan only take on the projects of talented musicians and Dave’s Stardom is about to rise.

The digital version of the album is available for complete download for less than lunch at $7.99. Individual song purchase is also possible at $0.99 per track and help support the singer, songwriter and guitarist Dave Blair.

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Dave’s second album has been praised by critics and fans alike. Rick Jamm of Jamsphere wrote: “All throughout ‘Not Afraid To Bleed’, Dave Blair’s songwriting is superb, his guitar work unique and utterly creative, as his voice resonates the lyrical message to the listener. […] This is a tight, crisp, not over-played, not over-produced album – a new funk rock inspired record that doesn’t retread the same old stuff and will have the genre’s audiences climbing the walls!”

Dave hosts live jam sessions to collaborate with other artists and for the delight of his fans. Make sure to get information on future and suprise live online events at

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