Get Dartmouth, MA Ketamine IV Treatment For Better Mental Health & Well-Being

Oct 18, 2022

Do you experience flashbacks or distressing, recurrent dreams or memories? If so, you may qualify for ketamine infusion therapy. Call Thrive IV (508-848-8089) and clear your brain for a happier, more productive life!

Get Dartmouth, MA Ketamine IV Treatment For Better Mental Health & Well-Being

The brain is a wonder. To this day there's no scientific consensus on how exactly acupuncture works - but we do know that it works. That has been accepted by the medical community. The same is true for ketamine therapy - the data is in and the results are more than compelling.

Thrive IV, headed by board-certified ER physician Dr. Michael Pellegrino, has updated its ketamine infusion services to meet the growing demand among patients who have now heard news reports or talked to friends and colleagues attesting to the efficacy of ketamine-based treatments.

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The medical clinic now offers Ketamine infusion treatments for individuals suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a condition impacting 8-12 million Americans in any given year. Contrary to typical antidepressants, which work by raising serotonin levels, ketamine seems to have an effect on glutamate, a neurotransmitter known to be involved in mood regulation. Furthermore, it offers almost immediate relief to the majority of patients, who don’t need to wait for months to see if the traditional mix of antidepressants and cognitive behavioral therapy will ‘kick in.’

If you suffer from PTSD, mood disorders, or chronic pain, ketamine therapy may well be the solution you've been looking for.

Still in its infancy, the ketamine therapy market is anticipated to grow at approximately 75% annually over the next five years. Hundreds of clinics specializing in ketamine treatment for depression and other mood disorders have emerged in the U.S. as clinical trials continue to demonstrate the treatment’s safety and effectiveness. Patients typically get ketamine once or twice a week for six to eight weeks through IV, nasal spray, or tablet - though some may need to take it longer. Sessions take between one and two hours and might result in sensations of exhilaration and dissociation, or feeling cut off from reality.

IV therapy - as administered by Thrive IV - is considered the most manageable form of treatment. The absorption of ketamine can be variable depending upon the method of administration, but IV infusions allow for 100% bioavailability. IV doses can be titrated to the precise milligram, ensuring Dr. Pellegrino always knows exactly how much is being given.

Patients at Thrive IV are made as comfortable as possible throughout each session with a soft chair, gentle lighting, and calming music. The clinic offers you a low-dose infusion lasting 40 minutes to 1 hour, followed by a 20-minute recovery period. Depending on your medical history and response to therapy, Dr. Pellegrino may add drugs, vitamins, and other nutrients as the Ketamine IV sessions go on to maintain or improve the effects of the infusions and relieve any uncomfortable sensations that may develop.

“We have all seen the devastating effects PTSD and depression can have on our families and communities,” said a company spokesperson. “It is remarkable that we can now, finally, treat patients and watch them transform into happier, more hopeful people seemingly overnight.”

A lot of people give up after years wasted chasing fixes. Worse, you or people you know may have gotten hooked on some of the drugs used to treat you in the process.

That can now change. There really is hope.

Go to and see how Dr. Pellegrino and his team can help you today.

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