Get Conversation-Based AI-Generated Content With This Automated Software

Nov 22, 2023

What if you could convert leads into sales 24/7 without lifting a finger? Accelerate and elevate your prospect interactions with AI content automation tools and sales assistant chatbots from mBrain!

With conversational chatbots and content automation, small businesses can achieve the same level of prospect engagement as industry giants! Discover mBrain’s all-in-one sales and marketing platform to see how AI is changing the game for SMBs!

mBrain’s content marketing solution can support your service-based SMB by helping you convert prospects. Its consistent approach will coordinate communications across all your engagement channels, including SMS, email, and social media.

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AI-Powered Content Creation

Facilitating business growth and search ranking optimization by streamlining your marketing output with AI, mBrain’s chatbot and content automation technology are ready to be embedded into your business website. You can use the multi-channel custom content platform to distribute expertly curated content online with the aim of boosting your digital visibility, social engagement, and search rankings.

In creating content, the platform compiles data and insights to optimize campaigns and target top prospects. This process can be automated to conduct follow-up interactions, reengaging optimal prospects that might otherwise choose a more persistent competitor.

mBrain estimates that with its software, you can generate up to 5 times more leads, including service appointments and bookings that you can convert into profit.

Autonomous Conversational Chatbot

In addition to its content automation features, mBrain’s full-service marketing tool can equip your site with continuously learning sales assistant chatbots. The autonomous AI chatbots are designed to answer your site visitor queries and booking requests in a human-like manner, using machine learning technology to hone their conversational skills over time.

“mBrain is constantly evolving through every interaction,” a spokesperson for the agency explained, “Its understanding and ability to satisfy customer needs are continually refined.”

Offering seamless integration, it can be installed into your website with a single line of code within minutes, helping you take your campaigns global. Capable of natural dialogue in 95 languages, it can respond to complex questions while pushing your site visitors towards booking tools and payment widgets.

Your Very Own AI Marketing Team

With the chatbot and content automation tool, you can implement more versatile approaches to your customer communications while offloading labor from your marketing staff. If you run a small company with no internal marketing team, the platform allows you to scale for growth and increase your sales reach without the hassle of recruiting, hiring, and managing marketers, content writers, or sales assistants.

mBrain’s content creation solutions will help you secure more appointment bookings than ever before - generate an influx of prospects and convert them into sales with AI-driven content automation and chatbots!

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