Get Contactless Delivery When You Order Online From This Moncton Restaurant

Jan 15, 2021

Jessy’s Pizza has launched a website that features an extensive menu and allows customers to enjoy contactless delivery from the restaurant based in Moncton.

Make your night in extra special and get delicious, pizza, chips and more delivered straight to your door with the new online ordering website from Jessy’s Pizza!

Jessy’s Pizza, a pizza restaurant based in Canada that serves the residents of Dieppe, Moncton, and Riverview, has launched a new user-friendly website.

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The updated website showcases the restaurant’s extensive menu and will enable Monctonians, Riverviewers, and Dippers to avail of contactless food deliveries during the pandemic.

The website has an ‘order online’ function. You can make your food selections on the website and your order will be delivered from the restaurant in Moncton.

An extensive selection of food is available on the website. You can choose between classic pizzas, poutines, garlic fingers, subs, homemade burgers, nachos, traditional wings, wraps, fish and chips, chicken and chips, and more.

A selection of favorite dishes is also displayed on the updated website. This section includes some of the most popular orders at the restaurant, such as lasagna and garlic bread, mozzarella sticks and chips, chicken clubhouse burger, onion rings, and other offerings.

You can also purchase the Nova Scotian Donair, which is one of the restaurant’s signature dishes.

A large offering of pizzas can also be purchased on the website. Pizzas are available in 18-inch, 16-inch, 12-inch, and 9-inch servings, and come with a variety of toppings. Visitors to the website can select veggie, meat lovers, donair, cheese lovers, and more for delivery.

You can also choose between a range of specials and meal deals. The family deal includes an extra-large pizza with a choice of three toppings, with a two-liter drink and a medium portion of garlic fingers.

Other specials include special number four, which is a selection of three small donairs, special number five, which includes two large subs and two large drinks, and special number eight which includes a large pepperoni pizza and a medium side order of garlic fingers.

As part of the launch, you can also create an account and login into the website for a more efficient service during return visits. You can also use the search function to find the items you are looking for.

Jessy’s Pizza is a restaurant based in Moncton serving pizza, fish and chips, chicken and chips, wraps, poutines, and other dishes. The restaurant serves the communities of Dieppe, Moncton, and Riverview and has an online ordering service.

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Go to the URL above for more information on Jessy’s Pizza and the launch of their new website.

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