Get Chemical Health Assessments For DUI Cases With This Minnesota Team

Dec 4, 2019

Are you worried about your alcohol or drug use? Have you been involved in a DUI case? Then you could need a chemical health assessment.

  • get chemical health assessments for dui cases with this minnesota team
  • get chemical health assessments for dui cases with this minnesota team
  • get chemical health assessments for dui cases with this minnesota team

If you’re involved in a DUI case, then a chemical health assessment may be required to determine your level of personal involvement with alcohol or drugs.

When you need a quality, unbiased, reliable chemical health evaluation, you can rely on Access Behavioral Change.

Whether you just want to investigate your own personal substance use, or have been compelled to get checked out by the court, this newly updated service is for you.

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Access Behavioral Change provides chemical health assessments for individuals to determine their level of personal involvement with alcohol or drugs, and makes recommendations and referrals based on the findings.

The newly updated chemical health assessments can help clients to meet court, DMV, school and employment requirements regarding alcohol, drug use, and anger issues.

Access Behavioral Change serves clients with alcohol and drug related issues throughout the Twin Cities area. With the newly updated service, they provide unbiased, fair chemical health assessments.

The service is designed to evaluate personal involvement with drugs or alcohol, and can provide the right recommendations for the best follow up care where needed.

Chemical health assessments can be referred to as chemical health evaluations, chemical use assessments, alcohol assessments, and sometimes DUI assessments.

Clients involved in any DUI or DWI case, or those involved in a court case involving substance use, may be asked to carry out a chemical health evaluation.

In addition to this, Access Behavioral Change works with clients who simply want to evaluate themselves. This is often the case where clients are concerned about their own personal use of alcohol or chemical substances.

The newly updated service consists of collecting biological, social, psychological, and historical personal data. Licensed specialists will then assess this data, and determine the personal level of involvement with drugs or alcohol.

Access Behavioral Change states: “We work for you, supporting you and we bring years of experience to help you with your situation. Whether you need a assessment for a court hearing, probation requirement, personal issue or license reinstatement, we can help. We provide unbiased and objective chemical health assessments conducted by licensed, accredited evaluators.”

Follow options can include one-day DUI classes, Driving With Care classes, extended evaluations, or other referrals.

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