Get Censor-Free Google Alternative Secure Web Browser For Republican Voters Now

Aug 26, 2022

Do you believe everything you read? Ever wondered why you’re not seeing the stories and getting the news that reflects who you are both personally and politically? Shake off the grip of Google and regain your freedom on the web with TUSK browser!

Get Censor-Free Google Alternative Secure Web Browser For Republican Voters Now

Tired of using web browsers that censor content and promote a liberal left-wing agenda? You need TUSK! Enjoy all your favorite features without the cancel culture bias!

The latest iteration of TUSK from Virtual World Computing, LLC offers you an alternative to browsers such as DuckDuck Go and Google Chrome. The company is committed to preserving all-American principles of free speech across the web with a specially-developed algorithm that eliminates liberal bias from search results.

Claim back your freedom and your right to a more balanced newsfeed with TUSK! More details at

The app is built on the Chromium platform but, unlike Google Chrome, you don't need to create an account to access the full functionality of the browser. This underlines TUSK's commitment to respecting your privacy in an era when subversive data gathering has become commonplace.

In addition to being the world's largest communications company and owner of the most-used web browser globally, Google has also evolved to become a very powerful censor of internet information. By blocking access to content that does not fit with its political agenda, the tech giant wields enormous power over public opinion and the decision-making process of the electorate at large. TUSK offers you an alternative to this prescriptive approach.

TUSK uses SSL and HTTPS to ensure your browser data cannot be viewed by others, including your internet service provider. The app does not monitor usage, collect or sell your personal data, preserving anonymity and freedom of web traffic and content access.

Other features include TUSK's proprietary newsfeed, designed to promote free speech and un-censor the stories that get flagged and buried by other browsers. This function is fully customizable, allowing you to choose which news sites appear on your feed. Tusk is also currently developing its own search engine, offering you an alternative to the current default option of Yahoo.

About TUSK

Founded by former real estate developer turned software development entrepreneur Jeff Bermant, TUSK offers all the functionality of rival browsers, providing extension support, password management, bookmarks, tabs, and automatic software updates. TUSK is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS.

A spokesperson says, “An American History Major at the University of Southern California, Jeff is proud of America and dedicated to promoting free speech and fighting censorship and cancel culture. TUSK is built by an all-American company, promoting the idea that America is indeed the land of the Free and Brave.”

TUSK is changing the game for conservative web users, download it today and you could be enjoying your first truly uncensored internet experience.

Get a browser that reflects your core values. For more information, go to

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