Get Business Network Penetration Testing & Malware Simulation In Long Island

Aug 12, 2022

How secure is your business? With ransomware attacks on the rise, make sure you protect your network from cybercriminals. For the best network breach simulation services, talk to 2Secure Corp. (646-560-5083)

Get Business Network Penetration Testing & Malware Simulation In Long Island

Looking for a proven system that protects your data from ransomware attacks? Talk to 2Secure Corp about their malware simulation assessments!

2Secure Corp provides you with high-end protection against malware strikes via a series of attack simulations. The company's team of cybercrime experts can identify areas of potential weakness and fortify your network against future breaches.

For ultimate peace of mind when it comes to malware network attacks, you can trust 2Secure Corp. More details at

The company's proprietary Malware Attack Simulation (MAS) protocols provide a benign penetration of networks, encrypting data just as ransomware criminals do to leverage payouts from their targets. Are you ready and able to defend your assets? 2Secure Corp can make sure your organization is watertight and protected against criminals.

According to a study by ThoughtLab, 2021 saw a 15.1% increase in cyber-attacks and data breaches compared to the previous year. This is reflected in some 66% of small businesses suffering some form of ransomware attack within the past 12 months. Surveyed security executives foresee this rising further as cybercriminals become more sophisticated while businesses continue to be vulnerable through a combination of human error, underfunding, and a widening network of partners and suppliers.

2Secure Corp performs a comprehensive investigation of initial access points commonly used by ransomware attackers. These include phishing scams and the exploitation of open, public-facing services. Cybercriminals can also delete data backups to prevent targets from recovering their compromised information, increasing the value of their ransom proposal. 2Secure Corp's MAS program ensures that all these potential vulnerabilities are identified and fortified against attack.

In some cases, the code from ransomware simulations can be hijacked by malicious actors. 2Secure Corp's expert team encrypts the files to prevent this from happening, protecting both your sensitive data during the tests and warding off any opportunist attackers while simulations are underway.

About 2Secure Corp

Led by Yigal Behar, the company has been providing high-end cybersecurity solutions for customers since 2003. 2Secure Corp specializes in protecting small businesses from the growing threat of network breaches and costly ransomware attacks while also ensuring regulatory compliance and agile, scalable services for clients across all sectors.

A spokesperson says, “We know that keeping up with the latest cyber threats isn't easy and that technology alone can easily fail at safeguarding your data. Unlike other IT companies where security is just one part of what they do, at 2Secure, securing your data and networks is our sole focus.”

With its latest ransomware service updates, 2Secure Corp is making the online space a safer place for small businesses in Long Island, NY, and beyond. Join them today!

You can never be too secure against phishing scams and malware. For more info, go to

Whatever industry you're in, no one is immune from cybercrime. Protect yourself, your business, and your client information with 2Secure Corp!

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