Get Braces For Your Kids With Expert Pediatric Options At Top Lakewood Practice

Oct 26, 2022

Ensure your child’s teeth are healthy and free of problems as they grow older. While they’re still young, take care of braces and other pediatric orthodontic treatments now at Duryea Orthodontics in Lakewood. Call +1-303-987-0500 today!

Get Braces For Your Kids With Expert Pediatric Options At Top Lakewood Practice

If your child is under 7, it’s the perfect time to arrange early orthodontic treatment for them. It’s easier to carry out much-needed dental work to correct issues now than it will be when they’re older - and that’s where Duryea Orthodontics comes in.

Headed by Dr. Michael Duryea, the Lakewood practice offers a range of braces for your kids among other pediatric orthodontic treatments. With an emphasis on providing early orthodontic care, Duryea Orthodontics aims to help your family by assessing your child’s teeth and recommending suitable treatment options when needed.

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In support of its services, Duryea Orthodontics also publishes a guide via its official website pointing to the potential advantages that early orthodontic treatments can offer your child. Also known as interceptive treatment, the practice states that preemptive examinations can provide vital information as to your child’s teeth and jaw as they continue to develop.

Duryea Orthodontics cites advice from the American Association of Orthodontists that suggests that you arrange orthodontic care for your child by the time they turn seven. The reason for this is that the combination of baby and permanent teeth present at this key stage can offer telltale signs of their dental health as well as any potential issues.

A practice representative elaborated by saying: “While there are numerous orthodontic problems that orthodontists agree are best treated after all permanent teeth have fully come in, early treatment can be in your child’s best interests if their issue is one that could become more serious if left untreated.”

Specifically, the Lakewood practice points to indications of underbites, crossbites, extra teeth, and other problems as those that could be identified through early orthodontic care. Their early detection enables Duryea Orthodontics to plan accordingly in achieving corrections while your child’s young age and dental development allow.

The early orthodontic treatment services performed at Duryea Orthodontics involve a range of methods. Removable appliances used to manipulate the movement or position of your child’s teeth, professional teeth extraction options, and braces are some possible outcomes that Dr. Duryea might recommend for your child.

“We just wrapped treatment with my son and started my daughter today,” said one visitor. “I appreciate how staff speak to and engage the child going through the treatment and not just the parent.”

Duryea Orthodontics offers you phone and text-based contact and response options, so you can easily arrange services via correspondence with its team.

Take care of treatment now to prevent future problems and ensure a happy, healthy smile for your child! Pediatric care at Duryea Orthodontics is the way to go.

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