Get Best Steampunk Festival Aviator Goggles & Superhero Fancy Dress In Boston

Aug 19, 2021

An enhanced uniform collection, superhero fancy dress and theatre-wear has been launched by The Jokers Wild, providers of themed party and event costumes to customers in Massachusetts.

 If you want to make a memorable impact at your next Halloween party or Renaissance festival, visit one of the company's two local stores to pick a costume that is perfect for you.

The newly launched range of superhero costumes complements the extensive available collection of uniforms, fancy dress, and theatre costumes. With two stores located in North Reading and Danvers, MA, the business is ideally situated to serve the nearby towns and cities of Massachusetts.

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The new uniform collections and superhero costumes have been added in response to the increased demand generated by the success of the superhero film series. The growth in popularity of themed events and occasions means you will now have more choice than ever when visiting Jokers Wild. If you are heading to a renaissance festival, gangster party, or other themed summer events, you will want to pay a visit to the store.

In addition to the main costume and fancy dress items, Jokers Wild stocks a comprehensive array of matching costume accessories for you, including swords, shields, hats, and gloves. The jewelry accessories feature necklaces, earrings, rings, brooches, bracelets, and pins. Popular collections such as the Harry Potter set offer you hats, cloaks, magic wands, school ties, scarves, and even Harry Potter spectacles.

Similarly, if you are hankering for a swashbuckling lifestyle, you will enjoy the impressive selection of theatrical, pirate-themed costumes and extras. Pirate hats, coats, belts, swords, cutlasses, and pistols can help you achieve a convincing party-going buccaneer look. You can add a touch of piratical authenticity with the addition of eye patches, wigs, hair extensions, earrings, and scarves.

If you are a steampunk festival aficionado, you can choose from a wide selection of aviator goggles, glasses, eyepieces, and monocles, plus waistcoats, steampunk hats, and chunky jewelry. Helpfully, you don't necessarily need to be in perfect superhero shape to wear the costumes as the company stocks sizes up to 5X.

Customers in the Boston, MA area with a desire to be Batman, Robin, Superman, or an Avenger superhero who can save the world while partying, will find a costume to fit the bill at The Jokers Wild. Equally, if you want to be a firefighter for an evening, an NYPD Police Officer, Doctor, Nurse, Astronaut, or a member of the armed forces, you will also be well catered for at this established fancy dress business.

Should you prefer to be on the other side of the law, you can dress up as The Joker, an escaped prisoner, or indulge yourself in a terrifying outfit for Halloween.

A spokesperson for the company said: “If you want to be unique and different and find items that no pop-up mini-store is ever going to have, we are only a 30/45 minute drive from almost anywhere in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. Besides making amazing costumes for events, holidays, and parties, we also have professional stage costumes and pieces for Comedy Clubs, Singers, LARPers (Live Action Role Players ), and other Performers.”

Get an attention-grabbing, eye-catching fancy dress costume for your next themed festival or event.

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