Get Best Price For MARK3 Stainless Steel Crowns For Primary Molars In Manhattan

Apr 2, 2024

Need dental crowns fast? Need swift delivery and good prices without compromising on quality? Put a smile on your face and deliver better outcomes by choosing SurgiMac!

Looking for a reliable supplier of high quality dental products in the Manhattan area? Need crowns and shells delivered fast from a company that cares about the environment? You need SurgiMac!

Order MARK3 Stainless Steel Crowns for primary molars from the store's extensive collection of dental equipment and accessories. SurgiMac distinguishes itself with a commitment to environmentally-conscious products and the highest levels of customer care. Find out for yourself why thousands of clinicians across the US trust this company.

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The crowns are made exclusively in the USA from high-quality stainless steel and come in a wide array of shapes and sizes to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for all your patients. The crowns can be complemented with SurgiMac's range of dental tools, including its own brand crimping pliers.

The crowns are prefabricated to improve your workflow and have been tested and approved by dental professionals up and down the country. The design incorporates a shallow occlusal anatomy that preserves the natural structure of teeth while providing robust and durable performance.

MARK3 Primary Molar Stainless Steel Crowns come pre-trimmed and pre-crimped to facilitate fast and easy placement in a busy clinical environment. The surgical grade steel offers you superior longevity compared to multi-surface amalgam fillings and the crowns are also fully compatible with other leading brand products.

The product comes in a variety of types – both upper and lower crowns for the left and right sides - and sizes for both primary and secondary molars. You can order any size from 2 up to 7 in packs of five.

SurgiMac also offers Crown Crimping Pliers, designed to make enhancing the MARK3 crown-form contours simple and easy for dental professionals like you. This tool improves interproximal contacts and gingival margins for both steel and temporary crown fittings.

The pliers are available at a reduced rate of just $29.99 while the MARK3 crowns are also reduced and are currently priced at $20.73. SurgiMac understands the needs of the dental profession and supports you by offering same-day shipping and delivery across the US.

The store operates a 30-days returns policy to ensure that you're completely satisfied with your products. SurgiMac works exclusively with reliable suppliers of high-end health solutions and also runs a manufacturing facility for product engineering - the factory setup also shortens the supply chain which delivers cost benefits to you and your practice.

A spokesperson says, “SurgiMac is located on both the East and West coasts of the United States, with local facilities in New York and Utah. Our storage and shipping processes are designed to ensure that your orders reach you in the shortest time possible.”

For all your dental practitioner needs, you can rely on SurgiMac!

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