Get An Accurate Home Value Calculation For Your San Antonio Property

Apr 7, 2020

Houses In San Antonio offers a thorough and accurate valuation of your property to make sure you don’t lose money if you decide to sell your home to an iBuyer!

Selling your house to an iBuyer may seem like a convenient option, but you don’t want to lose money by having your property undervalued. This San Antonio real estate agency offers the accurate evaluation you need to make sure you get the right price!

Houses In San Antonio, a real estate agency based in San Antonio, Texas, released an updated range of services for sellers looking for an expert independent assessment of their properties. Aimed primarily at those who have received an iBuying (short for “instant buying”) offer, the service strives to help sellers retain their equity by getting an accurate calculation of their property’s market value.

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The agency’s new announcement comes as iBuying is rapidly gaining a foothold in the US real estate market. Recent years have seen the share of houses sold to iBuyers grow to more than 10%, the services being particularly popular in the Arizona, Texas, California and Nevada markets.

While selling your home instantly can be an attractive option, the iBuying process cannot accurately assess the real market value of your property. This translates into lower profits for sellers, making it essential to consult a real estate expert to avoid potential losses.

Houses In San Antonio offers a convenient and accessible home valuation service to help you retain equity and get a correct price for your home. The agency takes a wide range of factors into account when calculating the value of your property to ensure that the final figure reflects its accurate market value.

With the latest service update, Houses In San Antonio continues to expand its range of high-quality real estate services for home buyers, sellers and investors in the San Antonio area.

The company has over 24 years of experience offering customized real estate solutions adapted to the needs, budgets and goals of each client.

A satisfied client said: “Angie Borras of Houses In San Antonio is the most awesome person I have ever dealt with! She helped me out of a situation where I just had too much house, it was literally ruining me! With her expertise, my house sold and I was able to pay off some bills and still walk away with money in my pocket! She was exactly the professional I expected and needed at that point in my life!”

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