Get Adequate Pandemic Protection From This Baltimore MD, Coverage Provider

Jul 28, 2021

Baltimore, MD Black-owned financial planning company Living Legacies will keep your end-of-life expenses from overwhelming the loved ones you leave behind! Let Lynette Upchurch help you plan ahead and prepare adequately during the pandemic!

Looking for an affordable coverage to help your family cope with potential financial struggles when you are no longer around? Sign up for Living Legacies’ newly launched PPP program and make sure an already challenging time doesn't become even more stressful for those you leave behind!

Lynnette Upchurch, President and CEO of Baltimore, Maryland-based financial planning services provider Living Legacies LLC, has announced the launch of a new product exclusively designed for seniors and homeowners in local communities across the US. The company now offers pandemic provisions protection (PPP) to older adults to help them better plan ahead for end-of-life expenses.

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The newly launched product is designed to provide individuals aged 65 and over with affordable coverage to meet final medical care and funeral costs and give them peace of mind during these uncertain times. PPP is intended to prevent senior homeowners from potential bank seizures or foreclosures in case they fail to meet their obligations to financial institutions as a result of the virus outbreak.

A Black and woman-owned company, Living Legacies aims to help your family deal with grief when the worst happens rather than worry about meeting final expenses during this difficult period. The pandemic has had a severe impact on many US families despite the government’s vaccination efforts, leading to a continuing rise in new infections and a growing death toll. The disease spread has left a considerable mark on the economy as well, with unemployment reaching unprecedented rates in the US and leaving millions without a job.

After the devastating loss of Lynnette’s oldest son in late 2020 that caught her financially unprepared, she decided to introduce a product offering adequate protection to the most vulnerable members of society. To celebrate the launch of PPP, Living Legacies is sponsoring complimentary capital assessments through August 31st. This unprecedent event is exclusive to at risk seniors and homeowners in need of strategic financial planning. Due to the anticipated high demand for these most sought after consultations, Living Legacies has established, an online survey to fairly access clients needs and afford those qualified to schedule their consultation upon completion. For more details, please visit Online Capital Assessment

In addition to PPP, Living Legacies also offers retirement planning and mortgage protection services, life provisions, and burial and final expense coverage. If you use the company’s services, you will benefit from Lynnette’s 15-year track record in the employee benefit and retirement field, her vast experience as a licensed financial advisor and HR specialist, and her partnerships with leading life insurance providers.

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PPP is a product exclusively created for the most affected demographic! Give yourself peace of mind and save your family financial worries by contacting Living Legacies today!

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