Get Access To Cutting Edge Fertility Testing Technology From This NY Company

Oct 29, 2020

The leading global non-invasive embryo testing is here! Avrio Genetics has recently launched a cost-effective and safe alternative to screening embryos for reproduction.

Are you interested in the study of reproductive endocrinology and embryology? Are you ready to find out about the latest advancements in these fields? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this new method is what you need to know about!

Texas based fertility company Avrio Genetics has recently launched a non-invasive embryo testing method. This new method seeks to allow patients that require in vitro fertilization a safer alternative to the existing invasive measures. It also aims to introduce a more affordable way to test embryos for the fertility industry.

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The newly launched testing method comes as a result of Avrio Genetics’ commitment to providing life-changing reproductive and personalized healthcare services under one roof. They aim to use these non-invasive PGT-A, PGT-M, and ERT services to advance the fertility industry. 

The previous method of testing embryos involved taking a sample and examining the cells under a microscope. This method helps professionals like you determine the genetic health of the embryo and allows the one with the highest chance of a successful pregnancy to be selected. 

This method has been seen as invasive, dangerous, and has the potential of lowering the viability of the embryo. Additionally, it is expensive.

The new method proposed by Avrio Genetics will provide non-invasive and cost-effective embryo screening without disturbing the embryo and thus lowers the risk of it losing its viability.

This non-invasive method of testing embryos is not only safer, but it will improve clinical outcomes. Concerning implantation rate, clinical pregnancy, ongoing pregnancy, and live birth, this method will allow all clinical progressional goals to be achieved. It will save time at the clinical level and also will provide a second chance for embryos that were not initially ideal.

Additionally, the method will allow labs to have the results released in 24 hours, avoids losses and failures that could occur during testing, and improves the performance of the test using artificial intelligence analytics. 

Avrio Genetics aims to launch additional non-invasive embryo testing within the next six months and seeks to deliver services that align with its CEO’s belief system of a better tomorrow.

You can click on the link above for more info! 

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