Get a Professional Deep Carpet Cleaning from this Salt Lake City Company

May 4, 2021

Looking to have your old carpets professionally cleaned in Salt Lake City? Check out Mr. ChemDry! The company offers professional services with their patented green cleaning methods.

Does your carpet have stains or discoloration? Check out Mr. ChemDry, one of Salt Lake City's top carpet cleaning companies, for the cleaning solution you need!

Mr. ChemDry, a Utah-based carpet cleaning company, announced their updated line of carpet cleaning services for clients in Salt Lake City. The company offers professional, high-powered commercial and residential carpet cleaning.

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The latest announcement highlights the unique services specialized products and services that the company has to offer. Using their patented proprietary cleaning solution, the company can provide you with superior deep clean services for carpets and rugs.

The Natural ChemDry solution used by Mr.ChemDry offers you an unparalleled deep clean for your carpets. The process is ideal for carpets, rugs, upholstery, and other fabrics. The company recommends that carpets be professionally cleaned once every 18 months to ensure carpet longevity and cleanliness.

The cleaning process is also environmentally friendly. The patented solution contains no harsh chemicals and uses 80% less water than traditional carpet cleaning services. By using less water, the company’s process allows carpets to dry in 1-2 hours, which is much faster than other methods. More information can be found at

By removing contaminants and allergens, professional carpet cleaning can help to alleviate allergy symptoms. The extraction process can effectively remove dust, dust mites, pet dander, and other particles trapped in the carpet fibers. The cleaning process helps create a clean and healthy environment for both residential and commercial spaces.

Mr. ChemDry’s proven cleaning process begins with a truck-mounted unit that heats the solution to 230 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the solution is heated, it is applied to the carpet with a specialized tool that simultaneously applies the cleaning solution and sucks up dirt. By applying this machine to a carpet, dirt and other contaminants are extracted from the rug.

In addition to dirt removal, the patented cleaning process is also ideal for removing urine and pet stains. As their cleaning solution uses no harsh or irritating chemicals, the process is both family and pet-friendly.

You can also expect a satisfaction guarantee. Mr. ChemDry’s experienced technicians follow a strict 10-step cleaning process to ensure customer satisfaction and a pristine final product.

Mr. ChemDry is part of the broader Chem-Dry franchise that was founded in the 1970s. The employees at Mr. ChemDry are dedicated to providing their Salt Lake City customers with top-quality cleaning services.

Using their patented technology, Chem-Dry can result in a cleaner and healthier home or office. The company is one of Salt Lake City’s most reputable carpet cleaning services and has received 5-star reviews from nearly 100 customers.

A representative from the company said: “Professional carpet cleaning will make a difference for the longevity of your carpet and the quality of your indoor air. This is definitely a service you definitely need if your carpet is a few years old, if you own pets or suffer from allergies.”

Mr. ChemDry is the cleaning service you can rely on, with a satisfaction guarantee! Visit their website today to schedule a cleaning appointment.

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