Medal Of Honor Leadership Training: Online Education Program & Immersive Center

May 1, 2024

Are freedom, patriotism, and democracy close to your heart? Learn about the National Medal of Honor Center for Leadership’s (NMHCL) mission to empower great American leaders through education focused on the six Medal of Honor virtues. Join the movement today!

Division in American society is critically high. But, by focusing on six core Medal of Honor virtues, we can create strong and compassionate future leaders and unify our great nation.

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Learn About The Medal of Honor Virtues

The National Medal of Honor Center for Leadership (NMHCL) wants to encourage Americans to learn about its mission, vision, and various leadership training opportunities by visiting its website.

As you'll see, the six Medal of Honor (MOH) virtues are courage, commitment, citizenship, integrity, sacrifice, and patriotism. With these core values, the NMHCL strives to fulfill its mission of inspiring, developing, empowering, and challenging current and emerging leaders in the U.S.

As CEO Tom Mundell said, "Our true vision is to start a conversation and a movement around the Medal of Honor values to bring those values back into vogue."

Education & Leadership Program

NMCHL's education and leadership program is designed to prepare participants to demonstrate selfless, ethical leadership in their communities.

Using an immersive digital learning environment, this program offers interactive educational sessions for citizens of all ages, particularly those aligned with the values of the Medal of Honor (MOH).

You can expect to learn ethical decision-making skills, perform leadership role-play to prepare for real-life scenarios, and engage in transformative discussions about the fundamentals of effective leadership.

Leadership Training Facility: Coming Soon!

Along with its online training program, the NMHCL is in the process of creating a physical training facility in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina near the historic Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum.

The construction and programming for this new center are being spearheaded by a group of American veterans and citizens who feel passionately about paving a path for future leaders and preserving the memory of the country's heroes. With this facility and its immersive multimedia exhibits, the NMCHL hopes to promote unification for all Americans around the ideals of democracy, patriotism, and freedom.

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