Get A Google Ad Grant To Promote Educational Webinars, Blogs & Courses For Free

Jun 15, 2022

What if there was a way to secure huge grants that could pay for your Google advertising for years to come? Sounds pretty amazing, right? Talk to ULRICH GNB-Consulting about its Profit & Purpose program and build your business without blowing your budget.

Get A Google Ad Grant To Promote Educational Webinars, Blogs & Courses For Free

Fancy getting $120,000 in free advertising on Google every year? Leverage the power of educational content to qualify for funding through ULRICH GNB-Consulting's Profit & Purpose program!

The company offers you a series of core strategies to diversify your revenue channels. The Powered by Grants approach is designed to help business owners like you get approved for a lifetime's worth of advertising for free.

Get a Google ad grant with the help of ULRICH GNB-Consulting! More details at

ULRICH GNB-Consulting's unique 'Profit & Purpose' program enables exposure and coverage for your business on a vastly increased scale. The consultancy team connects companies with causes, leveraging the financial aid available to educational and philanthropic ventures to bankroll Google advertising for years to come.

ULRICH GNB-Consulting can transform your business into a purpose-driven, grant-eligible company in as little as 60 to 90 days. You can even implement multiple initiatives and secure separate funding for each project.

Content such as blogs, webinars, courses, summits, workshops, and coaching articles can all be utilized and promoted through the program. You'll benefit from high-profile exposure for all kinds of educational materials. The grants do not commonly come with an expiration period, often running in perpetuity for years, sometimes decades at a time.

ULRICH GNB-Consulting can help you secure funding up to a maximum of $120,000 per year with the only restriction being that both the advertising and the educational content are of a high standard. Compliance is also monitored, with beneficiaries notified if any of their content breaches the conditions of the funding awards.

About ULRICH GNB-Consulting

The company has been leveraging these grants for 14 years and has helped over 500 businesses diversify and increase their exposure without having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising. ULRICH GNB-Consulting helps companies all over the USA, the UK, and Europe find new ways to expand and have a greater impact on the world at large.

A spokesperson says, “We call it the Infinite ROI strategy - where you have access to a lifetime of free ads to advertise. You do not have to pay back the grants and it's not a matching grant (you do not need to spend on Google to qualify).”

With its Profit & Purpose funding program, ULRICH GNB-Consulting is changing the face of advertising finance for good.

For more info, and to watch a short video presentation on what's involved, go to

Can't afford Google ads? Now you don't have to! Talk to ULRICH GNB-Consulting now!

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