Get A Dynamic Permissioning Platform With GCP Privilege Security In Glendale, CA

Jun 4, 2022

How is your IT security? Google Cloud Platform might be an amazing tool for your business but there are serious drawbacks to its performance. Tighten up your data management with just-in-time permissions from Britive!

Get A Dynamic Permissioning Platform With GCP Privilege Security In Glendale, CA

Concerned about the security of Google Cloud Platform for business use? Plug those gaps and save your data and reputation with dynamic permissions from Britive!

Britive offers your business an advanced, state-of-the-art platform, improving some of the inherent security weaknesses that compromise Google's popular cloud service for professional applications.

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Britive addresses the issue of GCP environments' vulnerability to security breaches due to their static privilege levels. The company specializes in 'Just In Time' permissions, maintaining a zero-standing privilege approach with centralized and scalable solutions for human and machine ID management.

The global pandemic ushered in the widespread adoption of cloud technology with many businesses forced to adopt remote working practices in light of government-ordered shutdowns of offices and public spaces. With many companies still relatively naïve to the risks that such technology creates for data security, there has been a sharp increase in cybercrime over recent years. Figures released by RiskBased showed that 36 billion records were exposed as part of data breaches in the first half of 2020 alone.

Britive ensures a more secure performance for GCP with its cloud privilege access governance protocols. The company's software grants dynamic secrets for both human and machine-led processes while reducing excess privileges and the attack surface.

You also benefit from cross-cloud discovery via automated auditing of connected accounts and a unified reporting model through an x-cloud access model. Proactive monitoring ensures that policy drift, access changes, and risks are all identified along with post-incident investigations to inform procedural amendments.

About Britive

Co-founded by seasoned security entrepreneurs Art Poghosyan, Alex Gudanis, and Sameer Hiremath, the company has been providing cutting-edge and dynamic IT security services to businesses across all sectors since 2018.

A spokesperson says, “Britive is a modern cloud-native solution delivering unified access cross-cloud. Our solution empowers teams across cloud infrastructure, DevOps, and security functions to control privileged access, mitigate account and data risk, address security health checks and posture audits, and improve operational efficiency.”

Britive is making the web and the world of business a safer place for companies across California and beyond.

Stay connected and stay safe with Britive cloud security. Find out more here:

Don't wait for a data breach to happen before you put the right security in place. Stay one step ahead of the hackers with GCP permissions solutions from Britive!

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