Get A Dermaplaning Facial & LED Light Therapy Session At This Seattle Spa

Feb 10, 2023

Penelope and the Beauty Bar is Seattle’s most trusted luxury day spa and its biggest name in world-class skincare and dermaplaning.

Get A Dermaplaning Facial & LED Light Therapy Session At This Seattle Spa

Penelope and the Beauty Bar wants you to try the facial trend that has taken the beauty world by storm, dermaplaning.

This new facial technique involves finely shaving the vellus hair of your face. These fine and often light-colored hairs are naturally occurring and almost everyone has them on their face. However, Penelope and the Beauty Bar believes removing them is an essential step in improving the effectiveness of your skincare regime.

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Dermaplaning grew rapidly in popularity last year and became one of the biggest viral beauty hacks worldwide. While many beauty bloggers show you how to do the technique DIY, Penelope and the Beauty Bar recommends that it is left in the hands of a highly trained beautician as there is a risk that, if you are an inexperienced dermaplane user, you may scrape away more than these fine hairs and may damage the skin of your face.

As such, Penelope and the Beauty Bar’s beauticians have trained extensively in the art of dermaplaning, and in 2023 they are offering you two new dermaplaning facials.

Firstly, the day spa has their Dermaplane Express Facial. This swift 45-minute session is recommended to you if you want a fast facial that will give your skin deep exfoliation and improve its ability to absorb the raw active ingredients you utilize in your skincare regime, and if you want your makeup to apply more flawlessly to your skin.

If you want a more comprehensive treatment, Penelope and the Beauty Bar recommends their new Dermaplane Radiance Facial. This treatment gives you the exfoliating and naturally restorative effects of dermaplaning with a soothing and toning micro-current session.

LED Light Therapy add-ons are also available to you for both new facials.

Because Penelope and the Beauty Bar customize all of their facials to meet your skincare needs, you can also choose to combine the spa’s dermaplaning facial with other facial treatments, including their patented HydraFacial.

Penelope and the Beauty Bar is now open seven days a week. Bookings can be made online or over the phone. Walk-ins are also welcome.

A spokesperson for the highly trained beauticians said, “Dermaplaning will remove your vellus hair and give your skin the ultimate exfoliation, allowing your products to penetrate more deeply and your makeup to apply flawlessly. Your skin will immediately be smoother, brighter, and more luminous.”

For a hairless face and the ultimate in exfoliation, try dermaplaning at Penelope and the Beauty Bar.

Visit to make your first appointment at Seattle’s favorite luxury spa.

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