Get 2023 Price Comparisons & Mortgage Rates For Homebuyers From the Experts

May 24, 2023

The US housing market can be tough to navigate for first-time homebuyers. To stay in the loop, read for free the latest insights on real estate markets across the country.

Are you in the market for a new home, being bombarded with pricing, mortgage rates, and random statistics that you can't make head or tails of? The National Buyers Agents Association has compiled all you need to know into 1-minute videos for each of the 50 states.

These 2023 real estate market trend videos are presented in bite-size points, which are easy to understand. They will give you a clearer understanding of the declining housing markets in many US states.

Each video also talks about housing price comparisons, market forecasts, recent statistics, listed prices, and the top real estate market areas within each state. Viewers will find the photos within each 1 minute video will provide a nice sense of actually physically visiting that state or city.

You can browse all the videos at

The videos touch on the most common challenges of first-time homebuying and offer you tips on finding the ideal property that fulfills your criteria and priorities. The different methods of buying and mortgage rates are also covered.

The National Buyers Agents Association releases real estate market trend videos every few months, allowing you to compare house prices and values between various cities and states.

In particular, it has been observed that in 2023 many areas are seeing a flattening out in home prices across the United States. This is a result of the increasing interest rates and efforts by the Federal Reserve to control inflation.

However, as every state, city, and town has its own trends, buyer's agents can provide more accurate details for specific locations. The association members will also help you get even more specific market trends in neighborhoods.

A spokesperson for the Association says: "The National Buyers Agents Association, managed by Skyfor, is all about empowering real estate buyers to have access to top real estate agents and the tools to choose the best. Our agents are constantly rated and reviewed by consumers and our staff. This provides you with top agents for anywhere in the US."

The National Buyers Agents Association provides free access to top-rated and reviewed agents. A full list of members in various areas is available on the association's website.

A satisfied client said: “The service offered me several referrals and I was able to choose one that was excellent in terms of working with me to identify and buy a suitable home. This is the way to locate a qualified buyer's agent.”

Having the right insights when buying a house in today's market will help you find and negotiate the best deal. Watch the National Buyers Agents Association's new videos on current US housing market trends for the most reliable information!

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