Galapagos Islands Eco-Friendly Tourism: Visit Quito’s Old Town & Pikaia Lodge

Mar 7, 2024

Planning a trip to the Galapagos Islands? Then prepare yourself by having a read of Ever Wonder Adventure’s new travel guide!

The Galapagos Islands are more than just the setting of a Kurt Vonnegut novel; they're one of the natural world's must-visit tourist destinations, and Ever Wonder Adventure wants to help you get to them! In its new guide, the sustainable tourism blog examines the evolutionary genesis of the archipelago and highlights some of its natural features. The guide also includes an 11-day itinerary that you can follow to ensure you see all of the area’s noteworthy landmarks and attractions while you're there.

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An Evolutionary Marvel

Situated in the Eastern Pacific, the bio-diverse Galapagos Islands have a rich history of discovery and exploration. Most notably, the archipelago—and more specifically, its endemic species—served as the inspiration for Charles Darwin’s 1835 theory of evolution, which, to this day, remains the dominant unifying concept of biology. By publishing its new guide, Ever Wonder Adventure is hoping you'll check out the land that gave rise to some of civilization’s most important scientific breakthroughs.

“The Galapagos Islands aren’t just another travel spot; they’re where our entire understanding of life got flipped upside down,” explained a spokesperson for the company. “What’s even cooler is that the same landscapes and creatures that blew Darwin’s mind almost two centuries ago are still there for you to explore.”

Like A Live-Action Nature Documentary

According to the guide, the most impressive aspect of the Galapagos Islands is the remarkable wildlife. The islands are home to several different species of tortoises, iguanas, fish, sea lions, and birds that can’t be found anywhere else on Earth, and because the area has been kept mostly untouched by human industry, you get to see them exist in their natural habitats.

Similarly, the topography of the Galapagos Islands is unlike anything anywhere else. The landscape is a combination of rugged volcanic rock, exotic flora, and pristine white sand. Beyond the beaches, the waters of the Pacific are crystal clear, making activities like snorkeling, diving, paddle boarding, and sailing, much more enjoyable.

Need An Itinerary? No Problem!

If you want to make sure your journey through the Galapagos Islands is an unforgettable one, Ever Wonder Adventure recommends you start by exploring Quito's Old Town. In this small village, you can indulge in local delicacies like "Locro de Papa" at the charming Hotel Patio Andaluz. From there, you can go to the Galapagos Safari Camp and participate in an interactive wildlife tour. To conclude your adventure, stay at the Pikaia Lodge, an eco-luxury resort that puts on several different ocean-based activities.

“When you visit the Galapagos Islands, you get the chance to connect with the planet in a way you’ve never imagined,” said the spokesperson. “Follow in the footsteps of great explorers and nature lovers and help keep the natural wonder of the archipelago alive for generations to come.”

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